Prediksi US Kunci Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

I.Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!
1.    Mr. Bima : Good bye, Rina!
     Rina         : Bye-bye, Mr. Bima!
     Mr. Bima : . . . .
     Rina         : Nice to meet you too.
a.    See you
b.    Nice too
c.    Fine, Thank’s
d. Nice to meet you
2.    Tanti : Can I borrow your pen?
     Tina  : …     ! Here you are.
     Tanti : Thank you
     Tanti : You are welcome.
a.    Sorry
b.    Certainly
c.    I can’t
d. Thank you
3.    Teacher : Don’t     …      fire! It’s dangerous.
     Dino     : Okay, Sir!
a.    Play
b.    sleep
c.    Sit
d. litter
4.    Ema             : …      ! May I try the dress blue?
     Shopkeeper : Sure, please
a.    Excuse me
b.    Thank you
c.    Pardon me
d. Sorry please
5.    Teacher : The blackboard is full of writing.
               Fiki, Please        …      the blackboard!
     Fiki       : Okay, Sir!

a.    Empty
b.    clean

c.    pick up
d. sweep

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: carrot
Mr. Aldi : Let’s feed the . . . .
Dino       : Okay, Let’s do.
a.       squirrel                                         c.  duck
b.      rabbit                                           d.  cow
7.    Sira : What    …     you want to eat?
     Siro : I want to eat pizza.

a.    Do
b.    have

c.    Does
d. has

8.       The pond is      …    the trees
a.       In front of                         c.  behind
b.      between                             d.  across from
9.    Rifka : I feel hot.      …      , please?
     Didin : Here you are.
a.    May I borrow your jacket
b.    May I borrow your shoes
c.    May I borrow your cap
d. May I borrow your clothes
10.              Dina     : Let me help you.      …      the flowers, Mom!
            Mother : Okay.
a.    Wash
b.    Water
c.    Milk
d. Feed
11.  Rahma : Mirza, do you mind   … shopping with me?
Mirza   : I’m sorry, I want to help my mother.
a.       going                     b. playing                    c. buying                     d. helping
12.                                                Indonesia has two seasons. They are, rainy season and dry season. rainy season start from October to March. In rainy season, rain falls almost everyday. People usually bring umbrella and raincoat to go anywhere. Dry season start from April to September. In dry season the sun shines very brightly. People usually wear  t-shirt, sun glasses and cap. The weather is always hot and dry.
 According to the text above ,the sentences bellow are true except
a.       People usually bring umbrella in rainy season.
b.      Dry season start on april to September.
c.       In dry season the weather is hot and dry.
d.      Indonesia has four seasons.
13.                        1. Write your schedule in the shape.
2. Hang the schedule on the wall.
3. Draw six shapes you like, such as heart, apple, etc.
4. Join the shape using small ribbon.
The correct stapes how to make a lesson schedule is …
a.       3 – 2- 4 – 1.                                                                       c. 3 – 1 – 4 – 2.
b.      3 – 4 – 2 – 1                                                          d. 3 – 2 – 1- 4.
14.  Q : Let’s play kite.
A : Sure. The weather is …., we can play it!
a.       Autum
b.      Windy
c.       Rainy
d.      Foggy


15.                                                  Q:  What do you celebrate on November 10th?
A: We celebrate …
a.       Mother’s day                                             c. Education’s day
b.      Hero’s day                                                            d. Scout’s day
16.  Teacher : Do you mind …                   the window,  please!
It’s very dark in the classroom.
Andi    : Yes, sir.
a.       move                                 b. close                        c. turn off                    d. open
17.  Q : …                          ?
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: G:\Media Gambar Pembelajaran\gambar htm pth\DSC_0000534.jpgA : He want to be a professional foot ball player.
a.       What does  Dony want to be?
b.      What is Dony’s hobby?
c.       Where does Dony play foot ball?
d.      When does Dony  play  foot ball.?

18.  Q : Where is the bank?                                                                 JL.
A: It …                       hospital.
a.       In front of                                                 Jl. Turi                   A
b.      Besides                                                                                    N
Behind                                                                                    G
d.      Between                                                                                  G
19.  Mrs. Rina : Look, the flower are whiter. Can you …                         them, please!
Dewi   : Okay, miss!
a.       Water                                b. pick up                    c. sweep                      d. clean
20.  Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: D:\Picture\SCAN\CCF05122012_00007.jpgTina : Do you like orange?
Linda: No, I do not.                                                               
Because, it’s …

a.       Sweet                                b. sour                         c. juicy             d. delicious
       21. Joni                 : May I … your dictionary, please?
             Yovan                        : Okay, here you are.
 a. borrow                                b. borrowed                 c. borrows       d. borrowing
Look at the picture and Read the text bellow !
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Suramadu Bridge 5.JPG                                                                                                Suramadu Bridge
It’s a bridge. It’s name is Suramdu Bridge. It’s very long bridge and very wonderful too. The bridge is located in Surabaya and Madura.
I’ts connects between two islands. They are Java and Madura islands. Before the bridge was build, people went to Madura by ship or boat. But today, people can go there by car, bus even by motorcycle. It makes their travelling faster and cheaper.
22. . . .  is the title of the text ? Suramadu Bridge.
      a. who                                    b. where                      c. what                                                d. when
23. Where is Suramadu bridge located ?
      a. The Suramadu Bridge located in Java and Bali
      b. The Suramadu Bridge located in Surabaya and Madura
      c. The Suramadu Bridge located in Bali and Madura
      d. The Suramadu Bridge located in Surabaya and Bali
24. Is Suramadu a wonderful bridge ?
      a. Yes, It does                        b. No, It doesn’t                     c. Yes, it is      d. Yes, it is not
25. Why the people like to pass the bridge ?
      a. Because it makes their travelling faster and cheaper
      b. Because it makes their travelling lower and cheaper
      c. Because it makes their travelling faster and more expensive
      d. Because it makes their travelling more expensive
26. The correct statement based on the text  is . . . .
      a. Suramadu bridge is very wonderful, It connects between two islands, they are Java
          and Kalimantan islands.

b.      Suramadu bridge is very short bridge, it connects between two islands, they are
Java and Bali islands.
c.       Suramadu bridge is very long, it connects between two islands, they are Bali and
 Madura islands.
e.       Suramadu bridge is very wonderful, it connects between two islands, they are Java and Madura islands.

27.                                    Mother            : . . .  the yard, Dina !
                                         Dina    : Alright, Mom.
                                        a. sweep           b. clean            c. water           d. empty
28.                                    Rio      : . . .  , Chess Dio !
                                         Dio      : Okay. That’s good idea.
                                        a. let’s go          b. could play   c. let’s do        d. let’s play

29.            Once upon a time, near mount Tengger, there lived a wise man named Begawan Nyampo. He  was not only wise but also had a super natural power. He could change a thing into an animal and wise person. In addition, he could predict what would happen in the future. Because of this power, a lot of people saw Begawan Nyampo if they had a problem in their life.
       The text above tells about . . . .
      a. Malin Kundang      b. Begawan Nyampo  c. Baru Klinting          d. Sangkuriang

30. Febri  : “ Do you know how to make a cup of tea?”
      Ria     : “ First, add sugar and tea into the cup. Second, pour the boil water into the
                      cup. And stir it.”
      Febri  : “ What’s next?”
      Ria     : “ Finally, a cup of tea is ready to ….
      a. eat                           b. drink                                    c. take                          d. make
31. Bramastya      : Ohh, it’s very hot today.please, . . . .the fan !
      Aquila                        : Okay.
     a. switch off                b. switch on                 c. turn on                    d. turn off

32.                                                Lets . . . happy birthday song together !
                                                     a. sing
                                                     b. cut
                                                     c. sit
                                                     d. sleep

33. Teacher           : Rahma ! come here, please!
     Rahma             : Yes miss!
     Teacher            : Look, the board is dirty. Wold you please . . . the board!
     Rahma             : Okay miss!
     Teacher            : Good job! Thank you.
     Rahma             : You are welcome.
    a.Sweep                        b. Clean                       c. Write                       d. Open

34. This is an artist                                  
      Her name is Syahrini
      She is very beautiful and slim
      She has . . . . hair and . . . nose.
      She is good at singer. That why, she is a very popular artist.
      a.long, flat                  b. bald, falt                  c. bald, pointed           d. long, pointed


35. It is a heritage place
      The temple is in Blitar, East Java
      It is kind of Hindu’s temple
      It is . .  .
      a.Borobudur               b. Prambanan              c. Mendut                    d. Penataran

English course


      Hendra has badminton schedule on . . .
      a.Monday                   b. Thursday                 c. Wednesday             d. Saturday
37.Atika : Excuse me, where is the library ?
                 . . . . you show me, please !
     Rani   : Ohh, it’s over there, near the office.
     Atika : Thank you!
     Rani  : You are welcome
      a.Pardon                     b. Help                                    c. Can                          d. May

38.                                    Q : Don’t . . . .the rubbish here !
                                         A : Ohh . . . . I am sorry.
                                         a.Clean                        c.take
                                         b.throw                        d.empty

39. Cleans – He – the blackboard – using – eraser - an
     a. He cleans an eraser using the blackboard
     b. He cleans the blackboard using an eraser
     c. the blackboard clean using he an eraser
     d. using the an eraser he clean the blackboard           

40. Birthday – She – party – will – tomorrow – celebrate. The correct answer is . . . .
     a. She will celebrate birthday party tomorrow
     b. Birthday party will celebrate she tomorrow
     c. She wiil celebrate party birthday tomorrow
     d. Will she celebrate birthday party tomorrow

41.  Shinta will sweep  the  floor, because it is . . . .
a. clean                        b. dirty                                    c. beautiful                  d. tidy up

42.                                    How much is the dress?it is about . . . .
a. five thousand rupiahs          c. five hundred thousand rupiahs
b. fifteen thousand rupiahs     d. fifteen hundred rupiahs

                                           Rp 500.000

43. Iwan               : can you make a kite?
Rudi                : Yes, I can
Iwan                : what will we . . .?
Rudi                : paper, scissors, knife, string etc
a.Prepare                      b.decorate                   c. cut the bamboos     d.playing the kite

44. complete the dialogue below!
Anisyah           : when will we camping?
Atika               : we will camping may be ….
a. last night                 b. next holliday                        c. last Monday                        d. last week

45. Anita – and – Saskia – playing – will –  stilts
Arrange the words into a good sentences
a.Anita and Saskia will playing stilts
b.Anita and Saskia playing stilts will
c.Anita and Saskia playing will stilts
d.Anita and Saskia stilts will playing


There are three signs. The signs means . . . .
a. don’t stop, parking here, turn left               c. don’t enter, don’t parking, turn left
b. don’t enter, don’t parking, turn right          d. don’t stop, don’t parking, turn right          
47.     Explanation of the place beside is . . . .
a. This is temple, many people go there.
   This is a beautifull place
b.This is a beautiful place, people call it temple.
   Many people go there for recreation.
c. This is temple it is danger place. People don’t like it
d. This is temple, many people go there. It is danger place

48. 1. She will invite me and my sister
 2. Ina will celebrate her birthday
 3. I say “happy birthday” to Ina
 4. We hope she will always very happy
Arrange the sentences into a good paragraph
a.2-1-3-4                      b.2-3-4-1                     c.2-1-4-3                      d.1-2-3-4
49.complete the letter below!
Dear Mrs.Anita
                        OCTOBER                     Name          : Hakam
                          FRIDAY                       Class           : sixth
    Date                        : . . . ,4 October 2012
I can not go to school, because I am get toothacne.

                              2013                                                       Your sincerely
a. Sunday                                b. Monday                   c. Tuesday                   d. Friday

50. 1.The coffee ready to drink
 2. Pour the boiled water and stir it
 3. Pour the sugar and coffee into the cup
 4. Prepare a cup, coffee, sugar, and boiled water
The right steps how to make a cup of coffee are . . . .
a.3-2-1-4                                              c. 4-3-2-1
b.2-3-1-4                                              d. 4-2-3-1

1. D              11.  A    21.A      31. B     41.B
2. B       12.  D    22. C    32. A    42.C
3. A              13.  C    23. B    33.  B    43. A
4. A              14.  B    24. C    34. D    44. B
5. B       15.  B    25. A    35. D    45. A
6. B       16.  D    26. D    36.  C    46. B
7. A              17.  A    27.  A    37. C    47. B
8. A              18.  B    28. D    38. B    48. A
9. C       19.  A    29.  B    39. B    49. D
10.B      20.  B    30. B    40. A    50. C
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