Prediksi US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD UAS 2 Semester 2 TA 2013/2014

Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D

Text for number 1-4
The Legend of Lake Toba
Once upon a time, in the village in North Sumatra there was a handsome man. His name was Batara Guru Sahala. One day, he caught a fish. He was surprised to find that the fish could talk. It begged Sahala to set it free.
As soon as the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She said that he to keep the secret and Sahala to promise he would not to tell anyone about it. They were married and had two daughters.
One day, Sahala was angry to his daughters and said that they like a fish. Then the earth began shake and volcanoes started to erupt. The earth formed a big hole. People believed that the hole became a lake. Then the lake is called Lake Toba. 

1.  Where does the legend of Lake Toba come from?
It comes from ….
A.   West Sumatra
B.   North Sumatra
C.   South Sumatra
D.  East Sumatra

2.    What did Batara Guru Sahala catch in the lake?
     Batara Guru Sahala caught ….
A.      A  fish
B.      a  dog
C.      a  cat
D.     a  goat

3.    How many children do they have?
A.   two sons
B.    two daughters
C.   a  son and a daughter
D.   two sons and two daughters

4.    Where did the story happen?
A.   in the river
B.    in the forest
C.   in the lake
D.   in the village

5.    Sangkuriang wanted to marry Dayang Sumbi. He didn’t know that the woman was actually …
A.   his mother
B.    his sister
C.   his grandmother
D.   his aunt

6.    Bellow is the legend from Central Java
A.   Lake Rawapening
B.    Mount Tangkuban Perahu
C.   Malin Kundang
D.   Lake Toba
6 .  The legend comes from East Java. It tells about a shark and a crocodile which fight to an area in a river. 
Then, the place becomes a city named ….

A.   Malang
B.    Tuban
C.   Bojonegoro
D.   Surabaya

7.    Nyi Roro Kidul is a myth from …
A.   Bali
B.    East Java
C.   Yogyakarta
D.   North Sumatra

8.    The legends which tells about Roro Jonggrang is …
A.   Prambanan
B.    Tangkuban Perahu
C.   Kebo Iwa
D.   Situ Bagendit

9.    The boy who was cursed became a stone by his mother was …
A.   Malin Kundang
B.    Bandung Bondowoso
C.   Sangkuriang
D.   Joko Tarub

10. Today is Tania’s birthday. Her parents and her friends give her a lot of presents. Tania feels …
A.   angry
B.    sad
C.   happy
D.   hungry

11. My mother works hard everyday. She feels …

A.   tired
B.    disappointed
C.   satisfied
D.   bored

12. Budi feels thirsty, ….. he drinks a glass of iced tea.
A.   because
B.    so
C.   but
D.   and

13. The students make noise in the classroom. The teacher feels …
A.   happy
B.    sad
C.   comfort
D.   angry

14. It is 3 p.m, but Andi hasn’t come home from school. Mother feels …

A.   tired
B.    disappointed
C.   worried
D.   bored

15. Johan feels so thirsty, so he …
A.   go to bed
B.    drink fresh water
C.   eat snack
D.   take a rest

16. Today Amir feels so …. Because his cat died.
A.           happy
B.            comfort
C.           sad
D.           angry

17. I don’t like horror film, because it makes me …
A.   frightening
B.    boring
C.   confusing
D.   tired

18. Citra        : Look, mam. I got 100 for my English test!
     Mother    : Congratulation, dear. You’re so smart
     Citra        : Thank you, mom
     From the dialogue above, we know that Citra feels …
A.   sad
B.    bored
C.   confused
D.   satisfied

19. The show must begin at 2 p.m, but now is 4 p.m, and the show hasn’t begun yet. The audiences feel ....
A.           sad
B.            bored
C.           confused
D.           satisfied

     Text for number 21 – 23
The Indonesian Government
Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. It is a republic. A President governs it. The president is helped by some assistants. They are vice President and some ministers. They help the President to develop Indonesia. The President, Vice President, and some ministers are central government.
          The local government consists of provinces, municipalities or regencies, subdistricts, and villages. Village is the lowest government in Indonesia. 
20. Indonesia is a ….
A.   Republic
B.    Kingdom
C.   Empire
D.   United

21. The lowest level of the Indonesian government is ….
A.   province
B.    subdistrict
C.   village
D.   municipality

23. The central government is ….
     A. governor
     B. ministers
     C. mayor
     D. village chief

24. The recent governor of Central Java is ….
     A. Mr. Bibit Waluyo
     B. Mr. Sukawi Sutarip
     C. Mr. Hendrar Priadi
     D. Mr. Sumarmo

25.  He is Mr. Roy Suryo. He is the minister of ….

       A. information and Communication
       B. trade
       C. Youth and Sport
       D. Religion

26. President – helped – vice president – is – by
     The correct order is ….
     A. Vice president is helped by president.
     B. President is helped by vice president.
     C. Helped by is president vice president.
     D. President helped by is vice president.

27. Vivi                  :” Where do you come from, Tata?”
     Tata        :” I come from Bandung”
     Vivi                   : “Oh, I see. Bandung is the capital of …”
     A. East Java
     B. Central Java
     C. Yogyakarta
     D. West Java

28. Japan is an empire. It is led by ….
     A. A queen
     B. An emperor
     C.  A king
     D. A president

29. The minister of education of Indonesia right now is ….
     A. Mr. Muhammad Nuh
     B. Mr. Hatta Rajasa
     C. Mr. Tifatul Sembiring
     D. Mr. Roy Suryo

30. The currency of Malaysia is ….
     A. dollar
     B. rupiah
     C. ringgit
     D. euro

Text for number 31 – 33
Rainy season is from November to April. In rainy season, rain falls everyday. People usually bring raincoats and umbrellas. The weather is always cold and wet. The river usually overflow. Sometimes there is flood.

31. Rainy season is from November to ….
     A. March
     B. April
     C. May
     D. June

32. In rainy season people usually bring …
     A. helmet
     B. shorts
     C. raincoats
     D. t– shirt

33. The weather is always cold and ….
     A. hot
     B. wet
     C. fresh
     D. windy

34. There are … seasons in Europe
     A. two
     B. three
     C. four
     D. five

35. It is December. It is … in Australia

      A. Spring
      B. Summer
      C. Autumn
      D. Winter

36. Look, it is …….. It is going to rain

      A. windy
      B. foggy
      C. cloudy
      D. sunny

37. The rain falls almost everyday in ………….. season.
     A. rainy season
     B. dry season
     C. autumn
     D. summer

38. It is the most beautiful season. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, the air is fresh. Of course, because it is …. Season.
     A. spring
     B. summer
     C. autumn
     D. winter

39. What happens in autumn?
     A. the leaves fall
     B. the rain falls
     C. there is a lot of snow
     D. the flowers bloom

40. The heavy rain has fallen for two days. There is ….. in the city

      A. earthquake
      B. fire
      C. tornado
      D. flood

Text for number 41 – 43
Jodi    : “How many planets are there in the solar system?”Dika    : “There are eight planets in the solar system”Jodi    : “Could you mention them?”Dika    :” Of course. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune”Jodi    : “What planet has the rings?”Dika    : “It is Saturn. It is beautiful planet”Jodi    : “Can we live in this planet?”Dika       : “No, we can’t”

41. There are … planets in the solar system.
     A. eleven
     B. ten
     C. nine
     D. eight

42. The eighth planet from the sun is ….
     A. Jupiter
     B. Mars
     C. Neptune
     D. Saturn

43. The people can live in this planet. The name of the planet is ….
     A. Earth
     B. mars
     C. Mercury
     D. Venus

44. The sky is beautiful tonight. There is the moon shines brightly, and some … twinkling like a nice smile.

      A. sun
      B. meteors
      C. comets
      D. stars

45. Bromo is a famous … in East Java. Many foreign and domestic tourists come there to see the exotic of the place.
     A. lake
     B. mount
     C. hill
     D. river

46. Indonesia has unique traditional market called “pasar apung”. The sellers and buyers are on a boat to make transaction. The market is located on a ….
      A. river
      B. lake
      C. sea
      D. mount

Fill in the blanks according the text for number 47 – 50
Indonesia has some tourist places which are famous all over the world. Bali is the most famous island. Many foreign tourists like to visit Kuta …(47) … to see the sunset. Some of them do surfing in the …(48)….          In North Sumatra, there is a lake called …(49)…. The lake is so wide. In the middle of the lake, there is an island named …(50)….

47. A. river
     B. beach
     C. mount
     D. valley

48. A. sea
     B. river
     C. island
     D. sand

49. A. Situ Bagendit
     B. Tempe
     C. Toba
     D. Kerinci

50. A. Samosir
     B. Java
     C. Sumatra

     D. Kalimantan
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