Prediksi US UN Bahasa Inggris 6 SD UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

1.    Zaky    :     Good morning, Wildan ! How are you ?
Wildan      :           ___ , Zaky ! ____ thank you.
A.    Good morning, We are fine
B.    Good morning, I am fine
C.    Good afternoon, I am fine
D.   Good afternoon, We are fine

2.    Nisa           :           How do you spell your name?
Tasya         :           / … // … // … // … //… /
A.    /tie//ou/les//wai//aik/
B.    /tie//i//es//je//i/
C.    /tie//ai//es/yu//ai/
D.   /tie//ei//es//wai//ei/

3.    X   :           What is your name ?
Y   :           ____ is Jovan.
A.    My name
B.    His name
C.    Her name
D.   Your name

4.    X   :           Good bye, student !
Y   :           ____ , Sir !
A.    Good evening
B.    Good day
C.    Good bye
D.   Good luck

5.    ____ , Mirza ! Have a nice dream.
A.    Good evening
B.    Good night
C.    Good day
D.   Good bye

6.    Mrs. Sita    :           Good morning, students.
Students    :           Good morning, Ma’am.
Mrs. Sita    :           How are you today.
Students    :           We are fine, thank you.
Mrs. Sita    :     Well, we have a new friend in this class ____ .
A.    Where are you from ?
B.    Are you a new student here ?
C.    Nice to meet you.
D.   Let him introduce himself.

7.    Jordan       :           Hi, Ujang. I am Jordan.
Ujang        :           Hi, Jordan. ____ .
Jordan :     America. But I was born in Bali.
A.    Where are you from ?
B.    How are you ?
C.    Where do you go ?
D.   What is your address ?

8.    Mita           :           Hi. My name’s Mita. What’s your name ?
Candra      :           I am Candra.
Mita           :           ____ , Candra.
Candra      :           How do you do, Mita.
A.    Nice to meet you
B.    How is she ?
C.    How do you do ?
D.   How are you ?

9.    X   :           Where is the clock ?
Y   :           The clock is ____ the wall.
A.    of
B.    on
C.    in
D.   between

10. Taufan is hiding ____ the door.
A.    under
B.    between
C.    beside
D.   behind

11. Dody   :     I am very hungry, let’s go for Lunch.
Rizal    :     ____ is the restaurant near here.
Dody   :     It is in the corner of this street, let’s go there.
Rizal    :     OK, Let’s go now.
A.    Where
B.    Why
C.    How
D.   What

12. Dea            : I want to post my letter, please show me the way.
Where is it ?
Aira           :  It’s ____ Jl. Mawar 18. I’ll accompany you to go there.
Dea            : Thanks.
A.    to
B.    beside
C.    on
D.   in

13. X   :     What time does Vita get up in the morning ?
Y   :     She gets up ____ 05.00 o’clock in the morning.
A.    in
B.    at
C.    on
D.   under

he picture is for questions no 14 to 16
14. X   :           Where are the students ?
Y   :           They are ____ the classroom.
A.    beside
B.    on
C.    in front of
D.   in

15. The blackboard is ____ of the class.
A.    in front of
B.    between
C.    beside
D.   behind

16. The students are sitting ____ the chairs.
A.    near
B.    at
C.    on
D.   into

17. Doctor       :           Sit down, please !
Patient       :           ____ .
A.    No, thanks
B.    Yes, Sir
C.    I am sorry, I can’t
D.   Sure, here it is

18. Lusy    :     Nina, could you wash the dishes, please ?
Nina          :           ____ , I am busy right now.
Lusy          :           It’s OK.
A.    All right 
B.    Of course
C.    Sure
D.   I am sorry

19. Dian          :           Switch on the lamp, please !
Endro        :           What should I do ?
Dian    :     Push the red button by using your ____ .
A.    knee
B.    toe
C.    arm
D.   finger

20. Please listen to the sing by using your ____ .
A.    eyes
B.    ears
C.    teeth
D.   nostril

21. It is very dirty around here.
Pick up the rubbish with your ____ .
Then throw into the basket, please !
A.    mouth
B.    elbow
C.    hand
D.   leg

22. Say same words with your ____, please!
A.    mouth
B.    teeth
C.    chin
D.   cheek

23. Donna runs around the field every evening with her ____.
A.    calf
B.    elbow
C.    toes
D.   leg

The text is for questions no 24 to 29.
Mr. Haidar      : Who is that girl ?
Mr. Afgan       : She is my niece, Sheila.
Mr. Haidar      : How old is she ?
Mr. Afgan       : She is ten years old.
Mr. Haidar      : Who is the girl beside sheila ?
Mr. Afgan       : She is my daughter, Icha. By the way, who is the little boy whose shirt is yellow ?
Mr. Haidar      : He is my son.
Mr. Afgan       : Is he your brother.
Dedy               :Yes, he is.

24. Who is Sheila’s Uncle?
A.    Mr. Haidar
B.    Mr. Afgan
C.    Dedy
D.   Icha

25. Who is Mr. Haidar ? He is ____ .
A.    Mr. Afgan’s brother
B.    Sheila’s father
C.    Dedy’s father
D.   Icha’s Uncle

26. Who is Icha ? She is ____ .
A.    Mr. Afgan’s daughter
B.    Mr. Afgan’s sister
C.    Mr. Haidar niece
D.   Dedy’s sister

27. Who is Dedy ?
He is ____ .
A.    Sheila’s brother
B.    Mr. Haidar’s brother
C.    Mr. Afgan’s son
D.   Mr. Haidar’s son

28. Who is Mr. Afgan ? He is ____ .
A.    Sheila’s father
B.    Icha’s father
C.    Dedy’s Uncle
D.   Dedy’s father

29. Sheila is Icha’s ____ .
A.    cousin
B.    niece
C.    nephew
D.   sister

Soal no. 30 tidak ada hubungannya dengan text
30. Mrs. Nirina is my father’s sister
She is my ____ .
A.    Mother
B.    Cousin
C.    Aunt
D.   Niece

31. Alvian is Mr. Dahlan’s son.
Mr. Dahlan is my Uncle.
Alvian is my ____ .
A.    nephew
B.    cousin
C.    niece
D.   brother

32. Dea is Mrs. Indah’s daughter.
Mrs. Indah is my sister.
So Dea is my ____ .
A.    grand children
B.    cousin
C.    aunt
D.   niece

33. My name is Rheza.
Mrs. Surtinah is my father’s mother.
I am Mrs. Surtinah’s ____ .
A.    grandson
B.    granddaughter
C.    grandmother
D.   grandchild

The text for questions no 34 to 41.
It is December 14th. Silvi is (34) her birthday. Mother is in the kitchen. She is (35) a birthday cake and (36) some foods. Silvi’s friends are (37) the party. Her mother is (38) the cake, the foods and some drinks on the table. Now, they are (39) happy birthday song while (40) their hands. Silvi is (41) the candle. All of them are happy in the party.
34. A. conducting
B. doing
C. celebrating
D. keeping

35. A.  having
B. making
C. frying
D. sewing

36. A. planting
B. cutting
C. taking
D. cooking

37. A. attending
B. dancing
C. wasting
D. painting

38. A. cleaning
B. holding
C. preparing
D. buying

39. A. dancing
B. singing
C. saying
D. sweeping

40. A. shaking
B. stepping
C. waving
D. clapping

41. A.  blowing
B. breathing
C. crying
D. wishing

42. What is she doing?
A.    She calling
B.    She is doing calling
C.    She is calling
D.   She calls

43. X   :           Is mother going to the market ?
Y   :           No, she is not.
She is ____ in her room.
She is sick.
A.    singing
B.    sleeping
C.    washing
D.   walking

44. X   :           Don’t be noisy !
Y   :           Why ?
X   :           Elis is ____ the test.
Y   :           Oh, I am sorry.
A.    having
B.    teaching
C.    staying
D.   doing

45. The class is very dirty.  Ovin is ____ the floor. Let’s help her.
A.    sweeping
B.    sleeping
C.    cleaning
D.   brushing 
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