Prediksi US Bahasa Inggris 6 SD Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

Ridwan’s Sunday Activities
Ridwan gets up at 04:30 a.m. He makes his bed and prays. At 05:00 he takes sports for an hour.  He takes a bath and dresses up, then he has breakfast with his family at 06:30. After that he works in the garden. He likes gardening. Then he usually watches TV  in the living room.
1.     When does Ridwan get up?
A.    at half to four in the morning
B.    at half past four in the morning
C.    at half to four  in the afternoon
D.    at half past four in the afternoon

2.     What does he do at 05:00 a.m.?
A.    takes a bath
B.    has breakfast
C.    takes sport
D.    dresses up

3.     How long does he take sport?
A.    for an hour
B.    for  an hours
C.    for two hour
D.    for two hours

4.     Does he like gardening?
A.    Yes, he is.
B.    No, he is not.
C.    Yes, he does
D.    No, he does not

5.     Rina usually……at 05:00 a.m.
A.    get up
B.    gets up
C.    go to bed
D.    goes to bed

6.     ……usually takes a bath at six in the morning.
A.    They
B.    I
C.    We
D.    Rudi

7.     ……always have breakfast at 06:30 a.m.
A.    Aldi
B.    He
C.    She
D.    They

Reno’s daily activities
Get up and pray
Have breakfast
Study at school
Go home
Have lunch
Take a rest

8.     Reno gets up at ……a.m.
A.    a quarter past five
B.    a quarter to five
C.    a quarter to four
D.    a quarter past four

9.     What does Reno do at half past twelve?
A.    He studies at school
B.    He goes home
C.    He has lunch
D.    He takes a rest

10.  Does Reno have lunch at half past one?
A.    Yes, he does
B.    No, he does not
C.    Yes, he do
D.    No, he do not

Andy’s  favorite foods  
Fried chicken

11.  Andy … fried chicken.
A.    like
B.    likes
C.    dislike
D.    dislikes

12.  Andy … pizza.
A.    like
B.    likes
C.    dislike
D.    dislikes

13.  Andy does not like… .
A.    fried chicken and pizza
B.    pizza and hamburger
C.    pizza and bread
D.    fried chicken and hamburger

14.  Andy likes to eat… .
A.    fried chicken and pizza
B.    pizza and hamburger
C.    pizza and bread
D.    fried chicken and hamburger

15.  Does Andy likes satay?
A.    Yes, he likes
B.    Yes, he does
C.    No, he is not
D.    Yes, he is 

Mr. Wardani, his wife and their children Wulan and Iyan are at a restaurant. Mr. Wardani wants   vegetables soup, Mrs. Wardani wants sausages and chips. Wulan and Iyan want fish, chips and peas. All of them want ice cream for dessert. Wulan and Iyan want coca cola for their drink. Mr. and Mrs. Wardani   want orange juice for their drink
16.  What would Wulan and Iyan like to drink?
They would like to drink… .
A.    orange juice
B.    ice tea
C.    coca cola
D.    milk

17.  Do Mr. and Mrs. Wardani want to drink orange juice?
A.    Yes, he is.
B.    Yes, they are
C.    Yes he does.
D.    Yes, they do.

18.  Dina : Do you like tea or orange juice?
Abel  : I like a …….of tea, please.
Dina  : Here it is.
Abel  : Thank you very much.   
Dina  : You are welcome.
A.    glass
B.    cup
C.    plate
D.    bowl

19.  I want to make omelet. I need an/a…..
A.    meat
B.    tofu
C.    cheese
D.    egg

20.  My father works in a farm. He always brings a hoe and wears a hat when he goes to our farm. My father is a…
A.    carpenter
B.    farmer 
C.    fisherman
D.    bricklayer

21.  A man or a woman who cooks in a restaurant is a/an….
A.    servant
B.    waitress
C.    chef
D.    office boy

My uncle is a carpenter. He makes some furniture such as cupboard, chair, table, and bed. He works at home. If you need a cupboard, you can buy it in my uncle’s home. The price is not expensive but the quality is good.
22.  My uncle is a… .
A.    farmer
B.    mechanic
C.    carpenter
D.    bricklayer

23.  if you want to buy some furniture you had better come to my uncle’s home, because …
A.    The price is cheap and the quality is not good
B.    the price is expensive and the quality is good
C.    the price is expensive but the quality is not good.
D.    the price is cheap but the quality is good.

24.  My mother is a… she works in a hospital, she helps the patients.
A.    typist
B.    secretary
C.    servant
D.    nurse

25.  When we go to school we must wears … .
A.    sandals
B.    shoes
C.    uniforms
D.    t-shirt

26.  We are wearing …. when the weather is cold.
A.    rain coat
B.    sweaters
C.    gloves
D.    blouse

27.  Andrian : Lets go to “ Umbang Tirto swimming pool”
Dipa      :  Oh, it’s too far . How do we go there?
Andrian :  By bus
Dipa      :  What shall we bring?
Andrian :  Just a...and a towel.
A.    T-shirt
B.    Short
C.    Swim suit
D.     Rain  coat

Shopkeeper  : Good Evening, Sir. May I help you?
Father           : Yes, I need some clothes for my children.
Shopkeeper  :  For boys we have T-shirt, jackets, jeans and shorts.
For girls we have dresses, skirts, T-shirt and jeans.
Father           :  I need a T-shirt and blue jeans for my son, dresses and a skirt for my   daughter.
Shopkeeper  : Alright, lets go to the show room. Here are for boys and there are for girls, please.
Father           : Thank you.

28.  The man in the dialogue wants to buy some …. for his children.
A.    cloth
B.    clothes
C.    dress
D.    dresses

29.  Does the shop sell T- shirt and jacket?
A.    Yes, it is.
B.    No, it is not.
C.    Yes, it does
D.    No, it doe not

30.  What clothes for the boys can we buy there?
A.    T- shirt, jacket, jeans and short.
B.    dresses, skirts, T-shirt and jeans.
C.    dresses, jacket and short.
D.    T-shirt, jacket and skirts.

31.  Do the boys usually wear dresses?
A.    No, he does not
B.    Yes, he does
C.    No, they do not
D.    Yes., they do

32.  He look at his …. to know the time.
A.    gloves
B.    socks
C.    bag
D.    watch

Nina       :  Look at this photo!
Tutut      :  Is she your new friend?
Nina       : Yes, she is
Tutut      : How old is she?
Nina       : She is eleven years old. Her name is Rani.  She is nice and beautiful.
Tutut      :  I want to be her friend too.
Nina       :  Sure! She will come here tomorrow.

33.  How old is Rani? She is … years old.
A.    11
B.    12
C.    13
D.    14

34.  Is Rani nice and pretty?
A.    Yes, she is
B.    No, she is not
C.    Yes, he is
D.    No, He is not

Dinda     : Who is the boy over there?
Nita        : Oh, he is Yahya .
Dinda     : He is cute and calm boy.
Nita        : He is my new neighbor.
Dinda     : Where does he come from?
Nita        : Jakarta

35.  According to the dialogue above, Yahya is….
The statements below are correct , except (pernyataan di bawah in benar, kecuali….)
A.    Yahya is a cute boy
B.    Yahya is a calm boy
C.    Yahya is Nita’s new neighbor
D.    Yahya is Dinda’s new neighbor

36.  Does Yahya come from  Banten?
A.    Yes, he does
B.    Yes, he is
C.    No, he does not
D.    No, he is not

37.  My sister is fat. She is not a…..girl. Her weight is 70 kg.
A.    big
B.    thin
C.    short
D.    small

38.  The antonym of strong is… .
A.    tame
B.    weak
C.    thin
D.    slim

39.  The test is not easy. It is … .
A.    empty
B.    difficult
C.    good
D.    bad 

40.  My mother ……cooking in the kitchen.
A.    is
B.    are
C.    am
D.    does

41.  Rina and Rani ….. swimming in the swimming pool.
A.    is
B.    are
C.    am
D.    does

42.  I….studying English now
A.    is
B.    are
C.    am
D.    does
It is a beautiful day. The students are camping in a countryside near a small forest. They like camping very much. Some boys are looking for water to wash the dishes and some others boys are preparing a place to have lunch. Some girls are cooking rice and some others are frying eggs.
43.  What are the students doing?
A.    camping
B.    looking for water
C.    cooking
D.    preparing a place

44.  What are the girls doing?
A.    camping
B.    looking for water
C.    cooking
D.    preparing a place

45.  Do they like camping?
A.    Yes, they are
B.    No, they are not
C.    Yes, they do
D.    Yes, they do not
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