Kunci Jawaban Soal US Bahasa Inggris 6 SD UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

Tahun Pelajaran : 2013/2014

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014
Waktu : 90 menit
Pukul : 07.30 – 09.00 WIB


1. Isikan identitas anda ke dalam Lembar Jawab yang tersedia dengan menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk.
2. Berilah tanda silang pada pilihan jawaban A, B, C, atau D yang anda anggap benar pada Lembar Jawab.
3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum anda menjawabnya, pastikan setiap lembar soal memiliki nomor paket yang sama dengan nomor paket yang tertera pada cover soal.
4. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap.
5. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut. 
6. Jumlah soal sebanyak 40 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban.
7. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
8. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian. 
9. Lembar soal tidak boleh dicorat-coret. 

Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D on the answer sheet!

1. Mrs. Astri : “OK That’s all for today .On Monday there’ll be more.
        Good bye, student see you tomorrow” .
Student : “….,Mrs. Astri see you tomorrow”.
A. good morning
B. good luck
C. good bye
D. good afternoon

2. Forty five times two plus forty is ….
A. one hundred and thirty three
B. ninety
C. eighty five
D. one hundred and thirty

3. Sixty plus forty divided by two is ….
A. fifteen
B. one hundred
C. sixty four
D. fifty

4. Dinda :” Who is she ?”
Rani :” Oh, that is Mrs. Linda, my new English teacher. She … class            
                       IVA now”
A. reads
B. teaches
C. writes
D. draws

5. Dinda :”What are they doing in the library?”
Rani :”They are …. storybook.”
A. speaking
B. drawing
C. listening
D. reading

6. I use my … for speaking.
A. eye
B. ear
C. mouth
D. nose


Dinda :”Who is your sister, Bima ?
Bima :”My sister is …. “.
A. Bintang
B. Mrs.sinta
C. Mrs.Satrio
D. Mrs.Hary


Dinda :”Who is he, Rani?”
Rani :”That is Mr. Dedy .He is my …. “.
A. father
B. uncle
C. aunt
D. grand father

9. Mother is ….
A. taking a bath
B. washing the dishes
C. sweeping the floor
D. making the bed

10. Bima is …. in the field
A. playing kite
B. playing marble
C. playing toy car
D. sweeping

Dinda :”What do you have for lunch,Rani ?”
Rani :”I have … and … .”
A. a bowl of soup and a glass of ice tea
B. a plate of fried rice and a can of soft drink
C. a bowl of noodle and a glass of syrup
D. a plate of omelette and a glass of ice tea

Waitress :”Good afternoon, mum. Please sit down. Can I help you ?”
Dinda :”I want … and …”.
Waitress :” OK, Please wait for a minutes.”
A. porridge and coffee
B. salad and orange juice
C. fried rice and tea
                                                             D.     meatball and coffee

13. Bintang has a hobby. Her hobby  is swimming .On Sunday morning Bintang and her family go to Semawis swimming pool .Now they are in the swimming pool. It is big and the water is clean. Bintang swim in the shollow pool. She is very happy.
What is Bintang’s hobby ?
A. cycling
B. camping
C. swimming
D. hunting

14. Mary is a student. Her class is over. She is going to the school hall. She wants to practice dancing. She practices twice a week. She is very diligent, It is because she loves dancing very much.
What is Mary’s hobby ?
A. dancing
B. drawing
C. singing
D. painting

15. The plane take off at …  in the morning
A. a quarter past six
B. a quarter to six
C. half past six
D. six o’clock

16. Dinda :”What time do you have your lunch?”
Rani :”I have lunch at …. .” 
A. a quarter to one
B. ten to one
C. one to ten
D. a quarter to ten

17. Bima’s Time Table

Get up
Take a bath
Have breakfast
Go to school
What does Bima do at a quarter past six ? He ….
A. gets up
B. takes a bath
C. has breakfast
D. goes to school

18. Dinda :”What do you wear for school, Bima ?”
Bima :”I wear … .”
A. uniform
B. raincoat
C. jean
D. coat

19. Bima :”What do you wear when it is snowy, Bintang ?”
Bintang :”I wear …. .”
A. swimsuit
B. kebaya
C. jacket
D. short

20. Bintang :”What do you wear when it is sunny, Mary?”
Mary :”I wear … and … .”
A. singlet and short
B. raincoat and trousers
C. sweater and dress
D. coat and trousers

21. Dinda :”What is this, Rani ?”
Rani :”This is a …. .”
A. mask
B. dart
C. top
D. ball

22. Bintang :”Rani, let’s play …. .”
Rani :”Oh,I’m sorry my leg is hurt.” 
Bintang :”I’m sorry to hear that.”
A. guny sack race
B. walking on stilts
C. rope skipping
D. snake a ladder

23. The shape of a book is ….
A. triangle
B. square
C. rectangle
D. pentagon

24. We can see pyramid in Egypt. The shape of the pyramid is ….
A. pyramid
B. cylindrical
C. round
D. cube

25. Bintang :”How do you go to Jakarta, Dinda ?”
Dinda :”I go Jakarta by …. So ,I must come to the railway station on 
Bintang :”I see, be careful Dinda.”
A. plane
B. ship
C. truck
D. train

26. Teacher :”Bintang, mention one of the air transportation.”
Bintang :”…. Mum.”
Teacher :”That’s right.”
A. bus
B. plane
C. car
D. ship

27. It is six ‘clock in the morning. Lisa wants to go to Salatiga by bus. Now, she is waiting the bus.
Lisa is waiting the bus in the ….
A. airport
B. harbor
C. railway station
D. bus station

28. Makasar is over the sea. It is very far. We can go there by plane, So we can wait the plane in the ….
A. airport
B. taxi port
C. railway station
D. bus station

29. When Dinda woke up this morning. She feel pain in her head. Dinda has ….
A. earache
B. sore eyes
C. stomachache
D. headache

30. Mr.Dandi is a doctor. He works in Sumber Waras hospital. He always check the patient’s heartbeat. He uses a ….
A. stethoscope
B. syringe
C. wheel chair
D. bandage

31. Bima :”What does your father do, Dinda ?”
Dinda :”He flies a plane.”
Bima :”What is he ?”
Dinda :”He is a …. .”

A. policeman
B. pilot
C. soldier
D. fisherman

32. Bima :”Who is the women on the stage ?”
Bintang :”She is Ashanty.”
Bima :”What is she ?”
Bintang :”She is a ….
A. dancer
B. sailor
C. barber
D. singer

33. Dina :”What does Mr.Anto do, Satrio ?”
Satrio :”He …. at the sea.” 
Dina :”What is he ?”
Satrio :”He is a fisherman”
A. direct the traffic
B. teaches some student
C. cathes fish
D. helps the doctor

34. Teacher :”Indonesian have two season .Can you mention it, Rina?”
Rina :”Yes mum, They are …. and …. .”
A. spring and summer
B. fall and winter
C. summer and winter
D. dry and wet

35. Rani :”What season is it?”
Deo :”It is …. .” 
Rani :”What is the weather like?”
Deo :”It is so cold because snow fall every day.”
A. autumn
B. winter
C. spring
D. summer

36. Mary :”What is weather like today?”
Deo  :”It is …. .” 
A. sunny
B. windy
C. snowy
D. foggy

37. Mr.Anto :”It’s too hot. It happened because of global warming.”
        Bagas :”What is the weather like today, dad ?”
Mr.Anto :”It’s …. Season
A. dry
B. wet
C. rainy
D. autumn

38. Bagas :”What can we do to prevent global warming ,Dad ?”
        Mr.Anto :”We can …. more trees.”
        Bagas :”Oh, I see.”
A. water
B. cut down
C. plant
D. paint

39. Nira :”What is the weather in wet season?”
        Bintang :”It is …. .”
A. sunny
B. rainy
C. foggy
D. windy

Dandi :”Can you show me where Laras Hotel is ?”
Nira :”…. .” 
The Hotel is on Jl.Sudirman. It is beside police office.
A. go straight on then turn left
B. go straight on then turn right
C. go straight on and keep walking                
D. go straight on then turn around                       

Nira :”Where is Citra Land Hotel ?”
Astri :”It is in the …. Of Baiturahman Mosque.”
A. west     
B. south
C. east
D. north

42. Mr.Hadi is my father. He is big and tall. His face is oval. His hair is short and straight. His nose is sharp. Mr. hadi is ….
A. old
B. beautiful
C. handsome 
D. pretty

Mrs.Lina is …. Than Mrs.Ari
A. shorter
B. fatter
C. older
D. thiner

44. Ball A is …. Of all
A. the shorter
B. the heavier
C. the bigger
D. the smaller

45. Andi :”Do you have a jacket?”
Shop keeper :” Yes, we do.”
Andi :”How much is this jacket ?”
Shop keeper :”It is seventy five thousand rupiah.”
Andi :”Can I …. It.”
Shop keeper :”sure, you can.”
A. bargain
B. sale
C. close
D. bring

46. Sinta :”can you show me ,where can I get medicine,Ratna ?”
Ratna :”sure, you can go to the …. .”
A. stationary
B. fruit stall
C. drugstore
D. bakery

47.Ratna :”Do you have a bottle of softdrink ?”
Shop keeper :”Yes, we do.”
Ratna :”How much a bottle of softdrink  ?”
Shop keeper :”It is …. .”
A. six thousand rupiah
B. seven thousand five hundred rupiah                                   Rp.8.500
C. eight thousand two hundred rupiah
D. eight thousand five hundred rupiah 

48. Steve :”Where do you come from ?”
Bima :”I come from Indonesian.”
Steve :”Is Indonesian a republic ?”
Bima :”Yes, It is .”
Steve :”Who leads a republic ?”
Bima :” A ….”
A. King
B. President
C. Vice President
D. Ambassador

49. Sandrina :”Where are you from ?”
Bintang :”I am from Solo .”
Sandrina :”Do you know something about Solo ?”
Bintang :”Yes, of course. It is a municipality in Central Java.”
Sandrina :”Who leads a municipality ?”
Bintang :” A ….”
A. Head of village
B. Mayor
C. Regent
D. Head of subdistrict

50. Handy :”Do you know about Mr.Joko Widodo ?”
Bima :”Yes, I do.He is a governor.”
Handy :”So, Mr.Joko Widodo leads a ….”
A. province
B. municipality
C. regency
D. district


1. C 26.  B
2. D 27.  D
3. D 28.  A
4. B 29.  D
5. D 30.  A
6. C 31.  B
7. A 32.  D
8. B 33.  C
9. C 34.  D
10. A 35.  B
11. A 36.  D
12. B 37.  A
13. C 38.  C
14. A 39.  B
15. C 40.  A
16. B 41.  B
17. D 42.  C
18. A 43.  B
19. C 44.  D
20. A 45.  A
21. A 46.  C
22. C 47.  D
23. C 48.  B
24. A 49.  B
25. D 50.  A
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