Prediksi Kunci Soal Bahasa Inggris US 6 SD Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) A, B, C, or D !
1. Ali : Good bye, Doni ?
    Doni : ...., Ali ?
A. Good Night
B. Good Bye
C. Good Morning
D. Good Evening

Jawaban: B

2. We can see the pictures with our...
A. Nose
B. Ear
C. Eye
D. Hand

Jawaban: Kita dapat melihat gambar menggunakan mata (eye) kita.

3. Four plus four is...
A. Five
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Eight

Jawaban: Empat ditambah empat = delapan (eight)

4. How do you spell this letter ?

A. Di
B. Dei
C. Gei
D. Ji

Jawaban: A=(ei), B=(bie), C=(sie), D=(die), E=(ie), F=(ef), G=(jie/ji;) H=(eits), I=(ai), J=(jei), K=(kei), L=(el), M=(em), N=(en), O=(ou), P=(pie) Q=(kyu), R=(a;), S=(es), T=(tie/yi;), U=(yu), V=(vie/vi), W=(dabelyu), X=(eks), Y=(wai), and Z=(zed) .

5. What is this ?

    It is a....
A. Elephant
B. Lion
C. Snake
D. Horse

Jawaban: Apa itu ? Itu adalah seekor ular (snake)

6. Adi : What is your hobby, Anton ?
    Anton : My hobby is painting, and you ?
    Adi :.....
A. Your hobby is football
B. My hobby is footbal
C. His hobby is football
D. I hobby is football

Jawaban: Hobiku adalah bermain bola (My hobby is footbal)

7. Doni :, are you Toni ?
   Toni : Yes I am
A. Excuse
B. Hi
C. Hello
D. Sorry

Jawaban: Excuse me, are you Toni ?

8. Where do they play volleyball ?
A. At the canteen
B. At the school yard
C. At the classroom
D. At the office

Jawaban: They play volleybal at the school yard

9. Rudi wants to buy a ballpoint, a pencil, and a ruler at...
A. Sport shop
B. Clothes shop
C. Shoe shop
D. Book shop

Jawaban: Rudi wants to buy a ballpoint, a pencil, and a ruler at book shop

10. My name...Ani
A. Am
B. Are
C. Was
D. Is

Jawaban: My name is Ani

11. Where is the hospital ?

A. The east of the library
B. The west of the library
C. The north of the library
D. The south of the library

Jawaban: The hospital is in the east of the library

12. A...leads a kingdom.
A. King
B. Prince
C. Princess
D. Queen

Jawaban: A king leads a kingdom

13. Can I borrow your ruler, please? It's mean...
A. Bolehkah saya meminta penggarismu ?
B. Bolehkah saya mengambil penggarismu ?
C. Bolehkah saya meakai penggarismu ?
D. Bolehkah saya meminjam penggarismu ?

Jawaban: Bolehkah saya meminjam penggarismu ?

14. Do you learn after school ?
A. Yes, you are
B. Yes, I am
C. No, I do not
D. No, you are not

Jawaban: Do you learn after school ? No, I do not.

15. ....delicious this fried chicken !
A. Who
B. Whom
C. Which
D. How

Jawaban: How delicious this fried chicken !

16. What is the wheater today ?

A. It's rainy
B. It's cloudly
C. It's winding
D. It's sunny

Jawaban: It's rainy

17. Read the text to answer the question number 17 !
Esti likes singing very much. Her voice is soft. She follows song competition. She often wins the competition.
Esti's hobby is...
A. Singing
B. Dancing
C. Cycling
D. Camping

Jawaban: Esti's hobby is singing

18. Anton and Andy are playing....

A. Basketball
B. Badminton
C. Football
D. Chess

Jawaban: Anton and Andy are playing chess.

19. Do you like fishing ?
A. Yes, I do
B. Yes, I am
C. No, I do
D. No, I am

Jawaban: Yes, I do.

20. I am....sir, I come late.
A. Sorry
C. Happy
D. Agree

Jawaban: I am sorry sir, I come late.

21. Ani : Excuse me,.....I borrow your pen ?
     Anton : Sure.
A. Could
B. Do
C. Does
D. Please

Jawaban: Excuse me, cauld I borrow your pen ?

22. The correct meaning of the sign is....

A. Don't park here
B. Don't turn right
C. Don't turn left
D. Don't stop here

Jawaban: The sign mean don't park here.

23. Indra : Where is Susan ?

      Bimo : He is in the....
A. Swimming pool
B. Library
C. Classroom
D. Canteen

Jawaban: He is in the swimming pool

24. Teacher : Rina, what is 5 x 6 ?
      Rina      : It's ....
A. Eleven
B. Fifteen
C. Twenty
D. Thirty

Jawaban: 5 x 6 = 30 (thirty)

25. Mother : Ali, can you make me a cup of coffee !
     Ali         : .....
A. Yes
B, Yes, I am
C. No, I am not
D. No, I can't

Jawaban: No, I can't

26. We can see night.

A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Star
D. Comet

Jawaban: We can see the moon at night

27. The baby is sleeping....
A. Turn off the radio, please !
B. Turn on the radio, pleaase !
C. Turn on the television, please !
D. Turn on the VCD player, please !

Jawaban: Turn off the radio, please !

28. The shape of the picture is....

A. Circle
B. Square
C. Rectangle
D. Triangle

Jawaban: The shape of the picture is circle.

29. I was absent yesterday, because....
A. You sick
B. I sick
C. I am sick
D. I was sick

Jawaban: I was absent yesterday, because I was sick.

30. Arrange into correct pictures !

A. 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
B. 4 - 3 - 1 - 2
C. 1 - 3 - 4 - 2
D. 1 - 3 - 2 - 4

Jawaban: B

31. Choose the correct sentences !
A. May I help you, please !
B. May I you help, please !
C. May you help I, please !
D. May you I help, please !

Jawaban: May I help you, please !

32. Roni : Do you....grapes ?
      Budi : Yes, I like grapes.
A. Love
B. Want
C. Need
D. Like

Jawaban: Do you like grapes ?

33. Shinta : What is your hobby, Shanti ?

      Shanti : My hobby is....
A. Dancing
B. Singing
C. Cooking
D. Reading

Jawaban: My hobby is singing.

34. Mother : Can you give me a glass of water, please !
      Budi     : .....
A. No, I am
B. No, I can't
C. Yes, I am
D. Yes, I do

Jawaban: No, I can't

35. The setences bellow are the best sugestion to your friend, except...

A. Don't speak loudly, please !
B. Don't be naughty, please !
C. Don't be noisy, please !
D. Don't cry, please !

Jawaban: Don't cry, please !

36. Teacher : Good morning student !
      Budi      :...., sir
A. Good evening
B. Good morning
C. Good night
D. Good bye

Jawaban: Good morning, Sir.

37. What date is today ?

A. August fourteenth, two thausand and ten
B. August fifteenth, two thausand and ten
C. August sixteenth, two thausand and ten
D. August seventeenth, two thausand and twelve

Jawaban: August seventeenth, two thausand and twelve

38. Mr. Adrian gets new job. What his wife say to him ?
A. Congratulations to your new job.
B. Happy to your new job.
C. Thanks to your new job.
D. Happy anniversary to your new job.

39. Najwa : What do you feel after school ?
      Hilman : I feel....
A. Happy
B. Sad
C. Tired
D. Worry

Jawaban: I feel tired.

40. Tyas : How many day in a week ?
      Budi : It's ....
A. Seven days
B. Eight days
C. Nine days
D. Ten days

Jawaban: It's seven days.

41. Father : Ali, do you like apple ?
      Ali      : Yes, I like
      Father : Here you are
      Ali       :.....
A. Hello
B. Thanks you
C. Fine, I thanks
D. Hi, Dad

Jawaban: Thanks you

42. your good mark !
A. Happy
B. Congratulation
C. Good
D. Fine

Jawaban: Congratulation to your good mark !

43. The correct sentence based on the picture is....

A. My hobby is fishing
B. My hobby is painring
C. My hobby is gardening
D. My hobby is flying a kite

Jawaban: My hobby is fishing

44. Roni : Where can I save my money ?

      Budi : You can save it at a....
A. Police station
B. Gas station
C. Bank
D. Post office

Jawaban: You can save it at a bank.

45. Earth is the name of...
A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Planet
D. Star

Jawaban: Earth is the name of planet.

46. The traffic sign beside mean...

A. Don't turn over !
B. Don't turn arround !
C. Don't turn left !
D. Don't turn right !

Jawaban: Don't turn left !

47. Sarah   : ....I go to canteen, sir ?
     Teacher : Of course
A. May
B. Am
C. Are
D. Is

Jawaban: May I go to canteen, sir ?

48. Rani   : The class is dirty !
      Lidya : ...., please !
A. Could you sweep the class ?
B. Could you wash the class ?
C. Could you iron the class ?
D. Could you erase the class ?

Jawaban: Could you sweep the class ?

49. What time is it !

A. It's five o'clock
B. It's six o'clock
C. It's seven o'clock
D. It's eight o'clock

Jawaban: It's seven o'clock

50. The name of the part of the body that showed by the picture is...

A. Knee
B. Neck
C. Shoulder
D. Elbow

Jawaban: The name of the part of the body that showed by the picture is shoulder.
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