Latihan Soal US Bahasa Inggris 6 SD Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014


                                                  Mata Pelajaran            : Bahasa Inggris
                                                   Kelas                            : VI SD / MI
                                                  Hari / Tanggal              : Kamis, 8 Mei 2014
                                                  Waktu                           : 10.00 – 11.30 


1.      Isikan identitas anda ke Dalam Lembar jawaban Ujian Sekolah (US) yang tersedia dengan menggunakan bolpoint.
2.      Silanglah A, B,  C atau d yang kamu anggap paling benar.
3.      Tersedia waktu untuk mengerjakan paket soal ini.
4.      Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir terdapat (4) pilihan jawaban.
5.      Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar jawaban yang kurang jelas,rusak,tidak lengkap maupun tidak mendapat soal atau lembar jawaban.
6.      Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
7.      Lembar soal tidak boleh dicorat – coret.

I.                    PILIHAN GANDA


                                        To The Beach
                        Last Sunday, Mr. Ali and his students went to the beach. They went to
         Pangandaran beach, in Ciamis regency.They went to Pangandaran by bus. on the way
         they were happy. They sang together.

                                        In Pangandaran the sun was shining brightly. The wind was blowing gently
          The waves were running.They always broke in the shallow water.Some children were playing
          football in the sand. Others were sitting on the mat under the coconut tree.He was watching his students. They
                  enjoyed the beauty of the beach.

                                                              At the afternoon, they went home. The students looked tired, but they were happy.
 1.     Naila             : Where is Pangandaran in?
Hana             : Pangandaran is in ….
a.     Cipanas regency       b. Bandung regency   c. Bogor regency        d. Ciamis regency

2.     Hilmi             : When Mr. Ali and his student go to Pangandaran?
Tio                : they go to Pangandaran …
a.       Last Wednesday           b. Last Monday       c. Last Thursday      d. Last Sunday

3.     Mr.Ali sitting … the coconut tree.
a.       At                   b. out               c. In                         d. Under

4.     The students looked were happy.The antyonm happy is …
a.       Sleepy                              b. Hungry                  c. Eat                                     d. Sad

5.     Dela      : What will you have for lunch?
Alsa      : I’d like to have a …. of fried rice.
a.       Plate                                b. Slide                                c. Bar                    d. Cup   

6.     Ikhsan  : Do you know a pilot?
Fauziah : Yes, he drives a …
a.        Bus                                  b. Plane                              c. Train                                  d. Ship

7.     Chacha  : Sir, …. helping me?
Bilqis     : Of course, not. What can I do for you?
a.       Are you like                       b. Do you like                       c. What do you want               d. Do you mind

8.     Six thousand and seven hundred rupiah.If write into number is …
a.       Rp. 7.600,00      b. Rp. 6.700,00    c. Rp. 7.700,00       d. Rp. 7.600,00

9.     Indonesian    : Saya akan pergi ke perpustakaan
English          : ……………………………………………
a.       I went to library           b. I will go to library      c. I went go to library tomorrow   d. I will come to my party

10.  My School is near by home, So ……
a.       I go to school by bus                                       c. I go to school by bike
b.       I go to school by motorcycle                            d. I go to school by plane

11.  Untuk memberikan arah yang benar, kecuali …
a.       Go straight                  b. Go winner                 c. Turn left                               d. Tur right

12.  Berikut rumus untuk menanyakan letak suatu tempat ….
a.        [ Where  + auxiliary verb + place / things + ? ]
b.        [ Where  + auxiliary verb = place things?
c.         [ Can you show me the way to + place + ?
d.        [ Can you tell me the way to + (place) + ?

13.  Siti            :  Where is the restaurant ?
Suci           : The restaurant is … the hotel.
a.       beside                         b. next to                      c. across from                         d. behind

14.                                        I go …. with mother.
a.       shopping                    b. gardening                    c. cleaning                d. hiking

15.  Yudha                : How many days they spend their holiday?
Yufar                 : They spend their holiday by …
a.       a month                        b. a week                        c. a year                              d. two days

16.  Rifky                 : Does ge go jogging on Sunday?
Ridwan              : ………, he does.
a.       Yes                               b. No                              c. Not                                  d. You

17.  Amanda             : What does he usually do on holiday?
Amir                  : He usually goes …. on holiday.
a.       his family                      b. his father                     c. his uncle                          d. his friends

18.  Hendra is the …….. handsome boy.
a.       more handsome            b. handsomer                   c. most handsome                d. handsomest

19.  That  is not your marble.
The marble is not …
a.       yours                           b. you                             c. yours                               d. ours

Text Box: Rp. 2.000                                                A         : How much is this tea?
                                                B         : This tea is … rupiahs.

a.       one thousand        b. two thousand      c. three thousand       d. four thousand

21.  Mother buys carrot in the …
a.       jewellery                       b. green rocer                   c. fruit stall                         d. clothes shop

22.  Rini          : Whose Radio is this?
Revy        : This is Vina’s radio. This radio is…
a.       she                              b. he                                c. his                                  d. hers

23.  Dinda has red bag.
This red bag is …
a.       hers                             b. him                               c. theirs                              d. ours

24.  I … an eraser.
a.       haven’t                         b. hasn’t                            c. have                              d. has

25.  Anmi         : Hello, can I speak to Mr.Nain?
Nain          : Yes, I am. What can I do for you?

The dialogue above is speaking on the …
a.       Faximile                      b. telephone                      c. radio                          d. e-mail

26.  Monkey, birds, dog are kind of …
a.       trees                          b. fruits                             c. magazine                    d. animal

27.  Mona          : Can I borrow your car?
Indah         : …
a.       Yes, of course              b. Yes, thank you               c. You are welcome         d. Yes, I am

28.  The centre of our solar system is …
a.       the son                       b. the earth                        c. the moon                   d. the sun

29.  Librarian a person who works in the …
a.       restaurant                   b. library                             c. office                        d. school

30.  Planting tree in the school yard. In Indonesian …
a.       Sedang menebang pohon di sekolah
b.       Sedang menanam pohon di halaman sekolah
c.        Sedang duduk dibawah pohon halaman sekolah
d.       Sedang menyiram pohon di halaman sekolah

II.                   URAIAN
31.  Write the name of month!
32.  Wich food comes from Padang ?
33.  The legend of Tangkuban Perau is the story of …
34.  Write down of Compass Direction !
35.  What activities usually do by people when they are in the beach? Mention 4 (four) activities?
36.  Arrange the jumble words into correct sentence !

a.       luck – examination – final – good – in – your
b.       Lives – on – called – we – Earth – planets
c.        Florist – flowers – a – arranging – is
d.       Always – school – the – come – morning – I to – come – early
 37.  Tuliskan rumus :
a.       Rumus Menanyakan harga suatu benda / barang, dibagi menjadi 3 macam, sebutkan!
b.       Rumus untuk menerangkan kata sifat benda / adjective/ di depan kata benda!
c.        Buatlah 3 contoh kalimat untuk menanyakan sesuatu/benda paling diantara benda/sesuatu yang lain!
 38.  The opposite of easy is …
39.  Joni is 165 cms and Figo is 170 cms.
Figo is ….
40.  My grandfather …. than my father.
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