Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD UTS 1 Semester 1 TA 2014/2015

I.         Fill in the blank with correct answer !
1.         The students study English in the  …
2.         Ahmad sweep the  class room by …
3.         Andi,Anton, and Kartika goes to school every day.
The are …
4.         Mrs Nancy teaching English in the Elementary school students
She is  a …
5.         It is  Monday .The students have a flag ceremony  in the …
6.         My mother cooking rice in the …
7.         Rina want to sleeping, in the …
8.         Bambang likes Jogging ,and playing football. He is like doing ….
9.         Do you like  skipping ? No, I ….
10.     Arfan gets a racket and shuttle cock. He want to playing ….

Text for number 11 to 15
            Read this text carefull

One day, there was a beautifull girl, her name was RoroJonggrang.
Her beauty was famause  a round the country. Every man wanted to marry her.
One of them was Bandung Bondowoso. He was a young  men with a supranatural power.
RoroJonggrang a greed to marry with him , with one condition.
                        Bandung Bondowoso has to built one thousand temples during  one night.

Fill in the blank with based on the text  !
( Isilahtitik-titikdenganberdasarkanteksdiatas )
11.  RoroJonggrang  is a … girl in her country.
12.  Every man wanted to …. With Roro Jonggrang.
13.  Bandung Bondowoso has to built one thousand … during one  night.
14.  RoroJonggrang  a greed to marry with Bandung bondowoso, with ….

15.  Bandung Bondowoso is a young with ….. power
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