Soal Ujian Mid Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD TA 2013/2014

                                                      MATA PELAJARAN          :     BAHASA INGGRIS
                                                      KELAS                                   :     V (Lima)
Berilah tanda silang (X) pada huruf a,b,c atau d didepan jawaban yang paling benar!
                                                     How do you go to japan?

a.       By air plane                                   c.   by bus
b.      By bicycle                                       d.   By train
                                                        How do you go to school?

a.       I go to school by sampan         c.   I go to school by bus
b.      I go to school by bicycle           d.   I go to school by motor cycle

3.       If you were sick, you can go to…………..
a.       Library                           b.   Post Office                     c.   Hospital                        d.   market

4.       Budi has a toot – ache. Ho does to……..
a.       Doctor                           b.   Dentist                             c.   Nurse                            d.   head master
5.       Can I borrow this story book? ( bisa )
a.       Yes , I can                     b.  Yes, you can                    c.   Yes, can I                      d.   Yes can You
6.       He is a                     ....          He work is the sea.
7.       She is a                 ....            She work in the school.
8.       She work in the hospital. She help the doctor. She is a ....
9.       He work in the farm. He is a ....
10.   He work in the air. He drive the plane. He is a ....
11.   I wear           ....                 to the school?
12.   You wear          ....                     to sleeping?
13.   What does Ana wear to Kartini Day? She wear ....
14.   Mira is student. Every morning she goes to ....
Write “do” or “does” (15-17)
15.   What   ....       we wear for sport?
16.   What    ....       Nana wear Kartini Day?
17.   What    ....       I wear for sleeping?
18.   I  ....        to school by bus.
19.   I wear ...                  for sport.
20.   What do you wear for camping?
I wear ...
Terjemahkan kedalam bahasa Indonesia
1.       I go to Bali by air plane
2.       This pedicab is beautiful
3.       That car is big
4.       This bus is yellow
5.       I go to school by foot
Vocabulary ( kosa kata )
1.       Library
2.       Tailor
3.       Nurse
4.       Soldier
Head Master
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