Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris UN SD Kelas 6 SD TA 2013/2014

Rounded Rectangle: Nama : ........................................BAHASA INGGRIS

1.        After number twenty six is number ....
a.      Twenty four
b.      Twenty five
c.       Twenty seven
d.      Twenty eight
2.        Tono likes sport. He likes ....
a.      Jumping
b.      Boxing
c.       Cycling
d.      Hiking  
3.        My hobby is ....
a.      Singing
b.      Dancing
c.       Cycling
d.      Painting
4.         .... is your hobby, my hobby is dancing.
a.      Who
b.      What
c.       How
d.      Where
5.        Today is Saturday, tomorrow is ....
a.      Wednesday
b.      Friday
c.       Sunday
d.      Monday
6.        This month is June. The last mont is ....
a.      May
b.      July
c.       August
d.      September
7.        Rounded Rectangle: Rp. 6.000

I buy a ball. It cost .... rupiah.
a.      Five hundred
b.      Six hundred
c.       Four hundred
d.      Six thousand
8.        My sister goes to the .... because she wants to buy vegetables.
a.      Shop
b.      Market
c.       Yard
d.      Hospital
9.        This is a ....
a.      Train
b.      Plane
c.       Truck
d.      Boat
10.    My mother goes to the market by ....
a.      Train
b.      Plane
c.       Boat
d.      Pedicab

11.    Mr. Budiman is a teacher. He goes to school everyday at ....
a.      One o’clock
b.      Four o’clock
c.       Six o’clock
d.      Ten o’clock
12.    Tini goes to the hospital. She helps a doctor. Her jobs is ....
a.      A nurse
b.      A farmer
c.       An engineer
d.      A carpenter
13.    Mr. Ahmad is my father. His job makes a house. He is a ....
a.      A farmer
b.      A doctor
c.       A teacher
d.      An engineer
14.    Mrs. Aminah is a teacher. She always goes to ....
a.      Market
b.      School
c.       The rice fild
d.      The post office
15.    Budi is farmer. He always goes to the ....
a.      Rice – fild
b.      Hospital
c.       Market
d.      Yard
16.    He gets up early at five o’clock and than he takes a bath.
a.      Morning activities
b.      Afternoon activities
c.       Evening activities
d.      Night activities
17.    Every evening my father has ....
a.      Breakfast
b.      Lunch
c.       Dinner
d.      Supper
18.    Amir : Do you always come home at one o’clock?
Tono : Yes I do.
Amir : What do you do after school?
Tono : ....
a.      I always lunch
b.      I always have dinner
c.       I always go with my friend
d.      I take a bath
19.    Ani    :   What time is it?
Tuti  :   It’s ten o’clock.
Ani   :   Where are you going?
Tuti  :   I’am sleeping.
Ani   :   ....
Tuti  :  Thank you.
a.      Good bye, Tuti.
b.      Good luck, Tuti.
c.       Good night, Tuti.
d.      Good sleep, Tuti.

20.    Look at the picture!
We can say ....
a.      Good bye
b.      Good luck
c.       Good night
d.      Good morning
21.    This is a ....
a.      Plate
b.      Fork
c.       Spoon
d.      Bowl
22.    Nani is a  student. She needs a book, a pen, and ....
a.      A glass
b.      A ball
c.       A ruler
d.      A watch
23.    My sister eats breakfast every morning. She eats breakfast in the ....
a.      Bedroom
b.      Dining room
c.       Living room
d.      Bath room
24.    Nani and Tuti are cooking. The are cooking in the .... Kitchen
a.      Bad room
b.      Dining room
c.       Living room
d.      Bath room
25.    Lend me your .... , please!
a.      Toy car
b.      Top
c.       Doll
d.      Mask
26.    Today is Sunday. The student are not going to school. The are going to the sea. They are playing ....
a.      Football
b.      Rowing
c.       Swing
d.      Skipping
27.    Before school, Tono likes breakfast. He has ....
a.      Rice cake
b.      Fried rice
c.       Fried fish
d.      Fried chicken
28.    You always come home at one o’clock. After school you have ....
a.      Breakfast
b.      Supper
c.       Dinner
d.      Lunch
29.    I want to drink ....
a.      A cup of coffe
b.      A pot of coffe
c.       A glass of coffe
d.      A bottle of coffe

30.    Picture for number 31 - 34

Flowchart: Alternate Process: Mr. AhmadFlowchart: Alternate Process: Mrs. Ahmad

Flowchart: Alternate Process: Mrs. YantoFlowchart: Alternate Process: Mr. BudimanFlowchart: Alternate Process: Mrs. BudimanFlowchart: Alternate Process: Mr. Yanto

Flowchart: Alternate Process: HaniFlowchart: Alternate Process: HasanFlowchart: Alternate Process: TonoFlowchart: Alternate Process: Kiki

31.    Mr. Ahmad is Hani’s ....
a.      Father
b.      Uncle
c.       Grandfather
d.      Grandmother
32.    Tono is Kiki’s ....
a.      Son
b.      Daughter
c.       Sister
d.      Brother
33.    Mr. Budiman is my uncle. So Mrs. Budiman is my ....
a.      Aunt
b.      Son
c.       Mother
d.      Sister
34.    Mr. Yanto children’s ....
a.      Kiki and Hani
b.      Tono and Hasan
c.       Hani and Hasan
d.      Kiki and Tono
35.    Mr. Yono is Budi’s father. So Mrs. Yono is Budi’s ....
a.      Sister
b.      Mother
c.       Daughter
d.      Grandmother


Once upon a time, there was a woman called Dayang Sumbi who lost her thread.  A dog found it and gave it back to her. According to her promise, the dog became her husband.
The Dog was really a man. One day, Dayang Sumbi had a child. His name was Sangkuriang.
Dayang Sumbi wanted to eat the heart of deer. So Sangkuriang and the dog looked for a deer in tha forest. Because it was difficult Sangkuriang killed his dog and took the heart to his mother.
He told his mother that he heart killed the dog. Dayang Sumbi hit him and his head was injured. Sangkuriang run a way and lived as a monk.
When he was a man, Sangkuriang met a beautifule women. He did’nt know that she was his mother but the women knew he was her son.
Sangkuriang wanted to marry her. As a condition, his mother asked him to make a lake and a boat in a day. Sangkuriang tried to make a lake and boat. But he could not finish it in a day. He was it became the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu.

36.    He told his mother that he had killed the dog. Dayang Sumbi .... and his had was injured.
a.      Hit her
b.      Hit it
c.       Hit him
d.      Hit the dog
37.    She never gave .... , so all of her neighbours hated her.
a.      To the poor
b.      Of the poor
c.       To the beggar
d.      Anything to the poor
38.    Dayang Sumbi wanted to eat the heart of a deer, so Sangkuriang and the dog looked for a deer in the forest.
Where did Sangkuriang and the dog look for a deer?
a.      Eat the heart
b.      Dayang Sumbi
c.       In the forest
d.      In the zoo
39.    Sulawesi is the .... of Kalimantan.
a.      North
b.      East
c.       Rounded Rectangle: NorthSouth
d.      West
40.    The location X is ....
a.      South
b.      South east
c.       Rounded Rectangle: WestSouth west
d.      East

Rounded Rectangle: X

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