Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD TA 2013/2014

I.                   Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1.             This is Mr. Handoko.
He is my ….
a.         mother
b.        father
c.         sister
d.        aunt
2.             I am Joko. Mrs. Handoko is my ….
a.         sister
b.        brother
c.         father
d.        mother
3.       Susi is Rudi’s ….                                          
a.         sister                                                                                        
b.        brother
c.         uncle
d.        aunt
4.             Amir        :      Who is that boy?
Budi         :      He is my ….
a.         brother
b.        sister
c.         father
d.        mother
5.             Who … your mother?
My mother is Melisa.
a.       did
b.      is
c.       am
d.      are
6.             Mr. Joni and Mrs Joni are husband and ….
a.       wife
b.      mother
c.       father
d.      brother
7.             That is your ….
a.         ball
b.        mask
c.         doll
d.        yoyo 
8.              They are playing ….
a.         ches
b.         Foot ball
c.        Volley ball
d.         pingpoing 
9.             These are my ….
a.       doll
b.      toy gun
c.       toy car
d.      marbel’s
10.         Linda likes ….
a.         yoyo
b.        doll
c.         marbell
d.        toy car
 They go to the yard to play ….
a.       football
b.      basket
c.       toy car
d.      kite

Jak  :      Is he playing …?
Jill   :      Yes, he is
a.       kite
b.      toy gun
c.       yoyo
d.      marbell

A : What are they doing?
B : They are ….
a.         swimming
b.        cycling
c.         surfing
d.        hiking
I want to play ….
a.       Swing
b.      skipping
c.       cycling
d.      hiking
Tono is like ….
a.         fishing
b.        cycling
c.         climbing
d.        rowing

What is this?
This is my ….
a.       Toy gun
b.      Toy car
c.       doll
d.      mask
Rp. 5000,00
17.         How much does this colour pencil cost?
Rounded Rectangle: Rp. 5.000,00
It costs … rupiahs.
a.         four thousand
b.        five thousand
c.         six thousand
d.        seven thousand
18.         How much does this toy car cost?
Rp. Rp. 10.000,00It costs … rupiahs.
a.       Eight thousand
b.      Nine thousand
c.       Ten thousand
d.      Eleven thousand
19.         … does this bag cost?
It costs fourty thousand rupiahs.
a.       How long
b.      How far
c.       How are
d.      How much
20.         A       :      I want to buy a toy car. Where should I go?
B       :      You should go to ….
a.       Jeweller’s
b.      Baker’s
c.       Toy shop
d.      Stationer’s
That … cost a hundred rupiahs.
b.        cake
c.         book
d.        candys
22.         They go to stationer to buy ….
a.       skirt
b.      ball
c.       doll
d.      ruler
23.         Dora go to the book shop to buy ….
a.       doll
b.      candy
c.       Note book
d.      shoes
24.         Galih                    :      Excuse me, Sir?
Mr. Carlo             :      Yes, what can … for you?
a.       We do
b.      I do
c.       They do
d.      You do
25.         A       :      Excuse me, Sir? How much is this pen?
B       :      … two thousand rupiahs.
a.       There are
b.      These are
c.       That are

d.      This is

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