Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD "Legend of Situ Bagendit TA 2013/2014

Complete the gaps in the sentences below!

the poor
Nyi Mas Inten
Nyi Mas Inten
to God
Once upon a time
a widow
One day
Nyi Mas Inten
the beggar
a leech

(1)__________________, in West Java there was (2)__________. Her name was (3)_______. She was very (4)____. She never give anything to (5)________, so all of her neighbours hated her. (6)________ there was a beggar. (7)________ asked for meal, but (8)_________ got angry and did not give anything. The beggar prayed (9)______. She wanted God to punish her. (10)_______, Nyi Mas Inten with all her properties downed in a lake. The lake was called “Situ Bagendit”. People believe (11)__________ is still alive as (12)_______.
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