Prediksi Soal US UN Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 6 SD TA 2013/2014

1.         Between ten and twelve is ....
a.       Nine
b.      Eight
c.       Eleven
d.      seven
2.         Arman likes .... very much.
a.       Swimming
b.      Cycling
c.       Hiking
d.      Rafting
3.         She likes ....
a.       Singing
b.      Painting
c.       Dancing
d.      Fishing
4.         ... do you go to school? I go to school by bus.
a.       What
b.      Where
c.       Who
d.      How
5.         Tomorrow is Friday, today is ....
a.       Thursday
b.      Wednesday
c.       Tuesday
d.      Saturday
6.         This month is July. The next month is ....
a.       June
b.      May
c.       August
d.      September
7.         Ali buys a new bag. It cost .... rupiah.
a.       Eight thousand
b.      Nine thousand
c.       Eight hundred
d.      Nine hundred
8.         My mother goes to the .... to buy some oranges.
a.       Office
b.      Fruitstall
c.       Shop
d.      Bookstore
9.         This is a ....
a.       Plane
b.      Car
c.       Train
d.      Pedicab
10.     Mr. Umar goes to the office by .... everyday.
a.       Boat
b.      Car
c.       Pedicab
d.      plane
Mira is a student of an elementary school. She gets up every morning at a quarter past five. And her brother, Naton, he gets up at a half past five. They go to school by bus everyday. The arrive at school at a quarter to seven, and they go to back home at a half past one.
11.     What time does Mira get up every morning?
a.       5 : 00
b.      5 : 05
c.       5 : 15
d.      5 : 30
12.     What time do they go back to their house after school?
a.       3 : 01
b.      1 : 01
c.       3 : 30
d.      1 : 30
13.     Mrs. Lina is mother. She usually makes clothes everyday. She is a ....
a.       Tailor
b.      Teacher
c.       Farmer
d.      Carpenter
14.     I have a toothache. I must bee ....
a.       A nurse
b.      A sailor
c.       A dentist
d.      A teacher
15.     Mr. Andi is a headmaster. He always goes to the .... everyday.
a.       School
b.      Hospital
c.       Market
d.      Airport
16.     Mrs. Vira serves passangers in the plane. Her jobs is ....
a.       A pilot
b.      A nurse
c.       A stewardess
d.      A policewoman
17.     I usually have breakfast in the ....
a.       Night
b.      Morning
c.       Evening
d.      Afternoon
18.     He often .... after school.
a.       Takes a bath
b.      Takes a nap
c.       Has breakfast
d.      Has dinner
19.     We usually .... at night at ten o’clock.
a.       Take a bath
b.      Go to school
c.       Have lunch
d.      Go to sleep
20.     Doni : Hello, Andi.
Andi : Hi, Doni
Doni : How are you today?
Andi : ...., thank you.
a.       I am fine
b.      You are fine
c.       Yes, I am
d.      Yes, you are
21.     This morning. I have a bowl of ....
a.       Fried rice
b.      Noodles
c.       Fried fish
d.      cake
22.     My sister watches television in the ....
a.       Living room
b.      Dining room
c.       Bedroom
d.      Bathroom
23.     I usually help my mother cooking friedrice in the .... every Sunday morning.
a.       Kitchen
b.      Living room
c.       Bed room
d.      Garage
24.     I want to play .... with my friends.
a.       Snake and ladder
b.      Swing
c.       Hide and seek
d.      Slide
25.     Arman takes a racket and shuttlecock to play ....
a.       Skipping
b.      Badminton
c.       Football
d.      Tennis
26.     I want to drink .... of orange juice.
a.       A bowl
b.      A bottle
c.       A plate
d.      A pot
Rounded Rectangle: Mrs. HusenRounded Rectangle: Mr. Husen                                                                                                                                                                       


27.     Bimo’s sister is ....
a.       Anita
b.      Mrs. Husen
c.       Irma
d.      Andika
28.     Andika is Bimo’s ....
a.       Father
b.      Brother
c.       Uncle
d.      Grandfather
29.     Rahman’s wife is ....
a.       Irma
b.      Mrs. Husen
c.       Andika
d.      Anita
30.     Irma is Andika’s ....
a.       Aunt
b.      Niece
c.       Daugther
d.      Sister
31.     My mother is sister is my ....
a.       Aunt
b.      Niece
c.       Daugther
d.      Sister
32.     Mr. Ali is my grandfather, so Mrs. Ali is my ....
a.       Mother
b.      Grandmother
c.       Father
d.      Aunt
One day, there was a beautiful. He name was Roro Jonggrang. Her beauty was so famous around me country. Every man wanted to marry her One of them was Bandung Bondowoso. He was a young man with a supranatural power. Roro Jonggrang agreed to marry with him one condition. He had to built one thousand temples during one night.
33.     Bandung Bondowoso had a .... power.
a.       Great
b.      Amazing
c.       Supranatural
d.      Extra
34.     .... wanted to marry Roro Jonggrang.
a.       No one
b.      Every man
c.       Sangkuriang
d.      The King
35.     Bandung Bondowoso had to built one thousand temples during .... night.
a.       One
b.      Two
c.       Three
d.      Four
36.     All goes to the river every Sunday morning. He likes to spend his day for .... there.
a.       Fishing
b.      Hunting
c.       Hiking
d.      Climbing
37.     My brother do surfing in the ....
a.       Mountain
b.      Field
c.       Yard
d.      Beach
38.     Arrange these word to make a correct sentesnces!
a.       Could you repair my motorcycle?
b.      You could repair my motorcycle?
c.       Could my motorcycle you repair?
d.      My repair motorcycle you could?
39.     Would you sweep the floor?
a.       Yes, you would
b.      Yes, I would
c.       No, you would not
d.      No, I would
40.     What do you do in the bathroom?
a.       I have breakfast
b.      I take bath
c.       I go to sleep
d.      I read a book

41.     Where is the hospital?
a.       It is beside the school
b.      It is behind the post office
c.       It is between the police station and the post office
d.      It is next to the school
42.     The opposite of southeast is ....
a.       North east
b.      Nort west
c.       West
d.      North
43.     The sun rises in the ....
a.       North
b.      South
c.       West
d.      East
44.     Give me my .... please!
a.       Pen
b.      Magazine
c.       Sharpener        

d.      Pencil case 
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