Soal dan Kunci Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD UTS II Semester 2 TA 2013/2014


Hi, my name Alif
I have a sister, her name is Jasmine
My hobby is playing music
I can play guitar, drum and violin
Sometimes, I combine my talent with my sister’s talent.
She likes singing
Her voice is so beautiful
Our parents explain how to sing and play music well
At school, we always perform in important event
Our parents and our teachers proud of us

1. Alif’s hobby is ...
a. Playing games b. playing music c. playing football d. playing basket

2. Jasmine is ...
a. Alif’s friend b. Alif’s mother c. Alif’s sister d. Alif’s neighbour

3. Singing is ...
a. Alif’s hobbby b. Jasmine’s hobby c. mother’s hobby d. father’s hobby

4. Alif can play ...
a. Guitar, piano and violin       c. guitar, bass and trumpet
b. Guitar, violin and trumpet   d. guitar, drum and violin

5. ... proud of us
a. Our teachers and our friends   c. our parents and our teachers
b. Our friends and our parents   d. our neighbours and our parents

6. The statements are true, except ...
a. Jasmine is Alif’s sister
b. Jasmine’s voice is so beautiful
c. At school, we never perform in important event
d. Alif’s parents explain how to sing and play music well

7. My mother is cooking in the ...
a. Kitchen b. bathroom c. bedroom d. living room

8. The white board is ... the wall
a. In b. on c. between d. under

9. ... is my hobby. Every week I go to swimming pool.
a. Swimming b. reading c. watching d. fishing

10. The girl is ... (sedang sholat)
a. Playing b. cooking c. sweeping d. praying

11. Mikha is ... mathematics.
a. Writing b. reading c. painting d. study in

12. The rubbish bin is ... the broom. (disamping)

a. In b. under c. on d. beside

13. Teacher sits down ... the chair.
a. Between b. under c. on d. beside

14. The pencil is between ...
a. Ruler b. book and ruler c. book d. bag

15. My sister’s hobby is shopping. Every week she goes to ... to buy new dress.
a. Hospital b. mosque c. mall d. hotel

16. Tono is ... his homework now.
a. Doing b. drawing c. reading d. looking

17. Andi is ... (mencuci tangan)
a. Playing soccer b. washing hand c. playing games d. reading book

18. X : Is s yes, he walking? (berlari)
Y : ...
a. no, she is not b. yes, she is c. no, she is d. yes, it is

19. The flag is ... table. (dekat)
a. Near b. on c. in d. under

20. X : Is the book under pencil?
Y : ...
a. no, it is not b. no, she is not c. yes, it is d. yes, that is

21. X : What is he doing?
Y : ...
a. you are studying b. she is reading c. they are drinking d. he is fishing

22. What ... Sinta doing?
a. Are b. is c. does d. am

23. Mother and father ... watching TV.
a. Are b. is c. do d. am

24. What are you doing? ...
a. I am singing b. She is washing dress c. you are sleeping d. they are playing game

25. X : ...
Y : She is cooking French food
a. what is your mother doing?   c. What is John doing?
b. what is your brother doing?  d. what are they doing?

26. X : Are you watching TV?
Y : ...
a. No, I am not b. No, she is not c. yes, she is d. yes, they are

27. is – music – her – listening – hobby – to.
Arrange the words to make a good sentence.
a. her hobby is listening to music  c. her hobby listening is to music
b. her hobby is to music listening d. her hobby music is to listening

28. What is your hobby ? ...
a. His hobby is playing soccer            c. her hobby is dancing jaipong
b. Their hobby is playing basket ball  d. my hobby is playing tennis

29. Ani’s hobby is ... badminton.
a. Drawing b. listening c. playing d. reading

30. I want to go to ... I want to read and borrow some books.
a. Laboratory b. library c. canteen d. teacher’s room

31. My sister’s hobby is ... Spongebob movie.
a. Listening b. sleeping c. swimming d. watchig

32. The girl’s hobby is playing ...
a. Kite b. doll c. ball d. car toys

33. How many rooms are ... in your school?
a. That b. this c. there d. those

34. Where is mother? ...
a. She is going to market          c. he is going to market
b. They are going to market     d. you are going to market

35. mango – Jihan – is – kitchen – in – the – pealing
a. jihan is in the kitchen pealing mango    c. in the kitchen pealing Jihan mango
b. jihan is pealing mango in the kitchen   d. pealing mango in the kitchen


36. Beside bathroom is ...
37. Class three is between ... and ...
38. Meeting room is near ...
39. My mother can make Chinese and french food. Her hobby is ...
40. Sarah can play piano, guitar and violin. Her hobby is ...
41. My sister’s hobby is reading. She reads many books in ... at school.
42. What is your brother doing?
43. What are they doing?
44. My father is ... newspaper.

45. I am ... television.


46. Make sentence based these words :
a. pray : ...
b. walking : ...
47. X : What is your hobby?
Y : My hobby is ...
X : Do you like reading history book?
Y : No, ....
48. Arrange the words to make a good sentence!
playing – ball – basket – Benny – are – Mira – and
49. Translate into Indonesian!
Teachers’s room is between laboratory and library
50. Translate into English!

Hobiku adalah makan ayam goreng dan nasi goreng

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