Soal UKK US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 TA 2013/2014

(Berilah tanda silang (x) pada huruf A, B, C, atau D di depan jawaban yang paling benar !)

1.      We can sing a song with our …
A. mouth               B. hand                       C. eyes                                    D. nose
2.      His father works in  the sea. He is a …
A. farmer               B. fisherman                C. doctor                     D. mechanic
3.      Indonesia has …. Seasons
A. one                   B. two                         C. three                       D. four
4.      Pondok Bali is situated in … district
A. pusakanegara    B. legonkulon              C. pamanukan             D. ciasem
5.      There are … people carry on shoulder a wooden lion in Sisingaan show
A. three                 B. four                         C. five                         D. six
6.      … hobby is swimming
A. your                  B. my                          C. me                           D. I
7.      We can see anything with our …
A. mouth               B. eyes                                    C. nose                        D. ears
8.      What … do you get up every day?
A. day                   B. hour                        C. time                                    D. morning
9.      We buy some vegetables and foods in the …
A. bank                 B. market                    C. movie                      D. mosque
10.  I go to school at … (7.30)
A. a half past seven           B. a half to seven        C. seven o’clock          D. a quarter to seven
11.  I usually use … to go to the school every day
A. t-shirt                B. uniform                   C. shirt                                    D. skirt
12.  I want to eat, I am hungry, it’s mean …
A. haus                  B. lapar                        C. lelah                        D. ngantuk
13.  My mother need a slice of cucumber for her cook, it’s mean …
A. sekilo                B. seiris                       C. sepotong                 D. sesendok
14.  … are you going?
A. when                B. where                      C. who                                    D. why
15.  Naura        : . . . Do you prefer banana or pineapple?
Nabila        : I prefer pineapple to banana
A. when                B. which                                  C. who                        D. why
16.  Ara                        : What’s wrong with you Abel?
Abel          : I have a …(sakit perut)
A. sore throath      B. stomachache           C. headache                D. fever
17.  It has long nose, has big body, four legs, and it’s colour is grey, what is that?
A. crocodile          B. elephant                  C. zebra                       D. goat
18.  Mitha plants some kind of flowers in the …
A. field                  B. garden                    C. zoo                          D. jungle
19.    I usually go to home from  school at … (13.45)
A.  a quarter past one p.m       B. a quarter to one a.m      C. a quarter past one a.m  D. a quarter to one p.m
There … four elephants in the jungle
A. is                 B. are                           C. were                        D. was
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