Kunci Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 2 UTS II TA 2013/2014


Today is February, 24 th. It’s Endang’s birthday. Her friends, Linda, Eni, Yayan, Ichwan and  Ali want to give her a surprise party. They invite Endang to go to Ali’s house. They decorate Ali’s house. They buy a birthday cake. They buy a present too. The present is a book “Harry Potter” book. When Endang comes, they say “Happy birthday Endang”. Endang is very happy.
1. What date is today? Today is ...
2. Who has a birthday?
3. Do they make a birthday cake?
4. Where is the party? The party is at ...
5. How does Endang feel? She feels ...

6. A : Do you like eating a ... ? (mentimun)
B : Yes, I do

a. carrot b. spinach c. cucumber d. bean
7. A : Is this a ... ? (nanas)
B : Yes, it is
a. pineapple b. apple c. rose apple d. guava

8. What – Ali – like – food – does - ?
The correct sentences is ...
a. Does what Ali like food?    c. Does food Ali like what?
b. What food does Ali like?   d. What Ali does like food?

9. A : Are the coke, juice and water kinds of ...
B : Yes, they are
a. food b. vegetable c. chicken d. drink

10. The baby likes drinking a bottle of ...
a. Beer b. coffee c.milk d. tea

11. The monkey likes eating a ...
a. Banana b. juice c. bean d. meat

12. Ardi : ... ?
Dina : Sorry, I’m using it.
a. May I pee b. May I turn on the lamp c. May I go home d. May I borrow your pen

13. A : May I borrow your calculator?
B : Sure! ...
a. I’m using it b. No way c. Here you are d. Thank you

14. Teacher : ... your English book page 25!
Students : Yes, Mom
a. Take b. close c. open d. let

15. Matikan! In english is ...

a. Turn on b. close c. go home d. turn off
16. Silvia writes using a ...
a. Pencil b. ruler c. bag d. rubber

17. I erase the mistakes in writing using a ...
a. Book b. rubber c. pensil case d. paper clips

18. Mia counts numbers by using a ...
a. Bag b. paper c. calculator d. correction pen

19. The socks are on the ...
a. Teeth b. feet c. hands d. head

20. The students must wear ... to school.
a. Pyjamas b. raincoat c. uniform d. jeans

21. The ... is on my head.
a. Tie b. sock c. belt d. cap

22. A : ... colour is your cap?
B : it is read
a. yes, it is b. no, it is not c. yes, it is not d. no, it is

23. A : ...likes eating bone.
a. Elephant b. ant c. dog d. cat

24. A : ... is Surabaya Zoo?
B : It is in Wonokromo
a. what b. who c. why d. where

25. The ... can jump
a. Frog b. ant c. bee d. fly

26. A lion is a ... animal
a. Tame b. wild c. pet d. small

27. The bee gives us ...
a. Sugar b. honey c. water d. milk

28. We don’t go to school on ...
a. Sunday b. Monday c. Thursday d. Wednesday

29. The fourth month is ...
a. April b. May c. June d. July

30. Four days after Sunday is ...
a. Monday b. Wednesday c. Thursday d. Saturday

31. Today is Thursday. Yesterday was ...
a. Sunday b. Friday c. Wednesday d. Saturday

32. This month is March. Last month was ...
a. April b. February c. August d. May

33. A : Is it Wednesday?
B : ...
a. Yes, it is b. No, it is not c. Yes, it is not d. No, it is

34. Our – and – flag – red – white – is
The correct sentence is ...
a. Our red and white is flag   c. Our red flag is and white
b. Our flag is red and white  d. Flag red and white is our

35. The boy is sitting ... the chair.
a. On b. in c. under d. behind


36. X : How many months are there in a year?
Y : There are ...
37. We celebrate Independence day on ...
38. We go to school from Monday to ...
39. A : Are cat, cow, duck, and bird wid animals?
B : ............................... They are tame animals.
40. It is an animal. It is a king of the jungle. What is it? It is a ...
41. A : What colour is your tie?
B : It is ...
42. Colour - ? – are – Adi’s – what – trousers.
The correct sentence is ...
43. X : ..... does Ani like to drink?
Y : She likes orange juice
44. Popeye likes ...

45. I have breakfast with rice and ...


46. Mention four vegetables for soup!
47. Change into the negative and interrogative sentence!
(+) They want to eat fried rice
(-) ...
(?) ...
48. Make a good sentence from each word!
A. drink : ...
B. eat : ...
49. Fill the boxes based on the sentences!
Tono graduated from Airlangga University on June the seventeenth two thousand and nine

DATE            MONTH          YEAR

50. Mention four names of pets!

Kunci Jawaban
Bahasa Inggris
Kelas 4 SD
Semester 2 UTS II
TA 2013/2014

1. February, 24 th
2. Endang’s
4. Ali’ house
5. S
6. C
7. A
8. B
9. D
10. C
11. A
12. D
13. C
14. C
15. D
16. A
17. B
18. C
19. B
20. C
21. D
22. Bonus
23. C
24. D
25. A
26. B
27. B
28. A
29. A
30. C
31. C
32. B
33. B
34. B
35. A
36. Twelve months
40. Lion
41. A red
43. What
44. Spinach
45. Chicken
50. Cat, cow, duck, bird
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