Prediksi Soal UTS II Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 TA 2013/2014

I.          Silanglah (x) a, b, c, atau d dengan benar!

1. Rudi wear …for swimming.
            a. swimsuit                  c. sweater
            b. pyjamas                   d.kabaya

2. Below are the kinds of clothes, except...
            a  trousert                    c  pyjamas
            b  sweater                    d  necklace

3. You wear T-shirt for...
            a  camping                   c  sleeping
            b  school                      d  sport

4. Does Andi wear sport uniform for gymnastic ?
            a Yes, she does           c  No, she does not
            b Yes, he does             d  No, he does not

5. Below are the kinds of School Personel, except...
            a  Head Master            c  Teacher
            b  Head of Village      d  School guard

6 .Mr. Danang  is designer of building. His job is …
                                    a  a teacher      c  a postman
                                    b  a carpenter   d  an architect

7.She works at library.    She helps the student to find the books. She is...
            a  Teacher                    c  Librarian
            b  Head Master           d School guard

8  Arrange in to good sentences !
library_read_Nindi_a book_the_in
            a Nindi read a book in the library
            b Nindi read a book the in library
            c Nindi the book read in a library
            d Nindi the in book read a library

9.The doctor to inspect…in the Hospital
            a  nurse                        c  student
            b  patient                     d  Pilot

10. A : Look at the picture ! Whats is that ?
       B : That is ...

                                    a  trousert                    c  short

                                    b  skirt                         d  T-shirt

11.A : Mr Arman works at the hospital
          Who is he ?
      B : He is...
            a  a doctor                   c  a farmer
            b  a teacher                  d  a manager

12A;”What does Mrs.Dian do ? “
    B:” She makes Clothes.”
    A:”What is she ?”
    B:” She is a …
            a farmer                       c  taylor
            b manager                    d  nurse
13.   There are the kinds of water transportation, except...
a  ship              c  plane
b  canoe           d  boat

14.  Hello, I am Mr. Bambang
       My job is delivering letters. Look ! This is my orange motorcycle and this is my bag. There are many letters in my bag. I enjoy my job and I can help many people.
Mr. Bambang is a ...
            a  Policeman                c  Postman
            b  Doctor                     d  Pedicab driver

15. Jaka’s father works in the rice field.
What’s Jaka’s father job ?
            a  soldier                      c  farmer
            b  policeman                d  doctor

16.                               Look at the picture !

                                    What is this ?
                                                a  cart              c  pedicab
                                                b  kanoe           d  raft

17. My  teacher go to school by …

                                    a cart                c  motorcycle

                                    b pedicab         d  bus

18. Mr. Purnomo is a chief of elementary school.
      His jobs is…
            a  teacher                      c  student
            b  head master             d  doctor

19. Rina wants to borrow story book in the …
            a  teacher office           c  library
            b  canteen                    d  market

20. She works at library. She helps the student to find the books. Who is she ? She is...
            a  Teacher                    c  Librarian
            b  Head Master            d School guard

II.         Isilah titik dibawah ini dengan benar!

21.                   What do you wear during rainy day ? mantel


22.                   Mr. Hadi makes a furniture. He is carpenter

23.                               My mother go to market by cycle

24                    The students borrow story book in the ... library

25. Arrange these words in to good sentences !
            a. job – Her – is –Policewoman  Her job is Policewoman.
            b. Jakarta-- by -- go to – I—train   I go to Jakarta by train.

            c. wear – I – sweater – haiking – for   I wear sweater for haiking.
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