Materi Ujian Praktek Bahasa Inggris 2013/2014


UPTD KECAMATAN ...................
SEKOLAH DASAR NEGERI ..........................
Alamat : ......................................................................................................................


                        Mata Pelajaran                    :       Bahasa Inggris
                        Hari / Tanggal                     :       Kamis, 3 April 2014
                        W a k t u                             :       11.00 – 12.30 WIB.

I.       Mendengarkan
      Dengarkanlah cerita berikut ini!

Once upon a time, there was a woman called Dayang Sumbi who lost her thread.  A dog found it and gave it back to her. According to her promise, the dog became her husband.
The Dog was really a man. One day, Dayang Sumbi had a child. His name was Sangkuriang.
Dayang Sumbi wanted to eat the heart of deer. So Sangkuriang and the dog looked for a deer in the forest. Because it was difficult Sangkuriang killed his dog and took the heart to his mother.
He told his mother that he heart killed the dog. Dayang Sumbi hit him and his head was injured. Sangkuriang run a way and lived as a monk.
When he was a man, Sangkuriang met a beautiful women. He did’nt know that she was his mother but the women knew he was her son.
Sangkuriang wanted to marry her. As a condition, his mother asked him to make a lake and a boat in a day. Sangkuriang tried to make a lake and boat. But he could not finish it in a day. He was it became the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu.

      Complete these the sentences !
1.      Sangkuriang killed the dog and took his mother.
2.      Dayang Sumbi hit Sangkuriang and his head was....
3.      Sangkuriang wanted to... his mother.
4.      Dayang Sumbi asked him to make... and....
5.      the boat became ... Tangkuban Perahu.   
II.    Berbicara.

      Ceritakanlah tentang anggota keluargamu!
      Contoh :
      My name is Rudi. My Fahter is Mr. Heri and my mother is Mrs. Ina. I have two brothers. They are Ali and Eka. I have a sister. Her name is Tini.

III. Membaca bacaan dan menemukan pikiran pokok.
 Bacalah cerita berikut ini dan tentukan pokok pikirannya!


Once upon a time West Java there was a widow. Her name was  Nyi Mas Intan. She was very rich. She never gave anything to the poor so all of her neighbours hated her.
One day there was a beggar. The beggar asked for meal, but Nyi Mas Intan got angry and didn’t give anything. The beggar prayed to God. She wanted God to punish her.
Finally, Nyi Mas Intan with all her properties downed in a lake. The Lake was called “ Situ Bagendit “. People believe Nyi Mas Intan is still alive as a leech.

IV.     Buatlah ringkasan dari bacaan di bawah ini !
Bacalah cerita berikut ini dan buatlah ringkasannya!


Long, long ago there lived a priest, Ki Ajar who had a littel baby. His baby was   a snake. Ki Ajar wanted him to meditate in mount Sileker. He named his child Baruk Linting.
One day people of Benarawa found a big snake then cut it into pieces. The sprit of Baruklintang became a small boy. He begged for food. But no one cared him.
The small boy planted a stick and then pulled it out. Water Sprang out of the hole. All of the village of Benarawa except an old widow, were drowned. She was saved because she had helped the little boy by giving him some food and drink.

Now, that area is a big lake called “ Rawapening “ in Semarang regency. 


I.                   Menyimak, mendengarkan dan menjawab pertanyaan
Jawaban betul nilai 5
Jumlah skor 5 x 5 = 25
II.                Berbicara
Skor maksimal = 25
III.             Membaca
Skor maksimal = 25
IV.             Menulis
Skor maksimal = 25

Nilai Akhir ( NA ) = jumlah skor I + II + III + IV

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