Soal US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 TA 2013/2014

Read the dialogue!

Shopkeeper    :"Can I help you?"
Miss Silvy       :" Yes, I need a T-shirt."
Shopkeeper    :" What size do you need?"
Miss Silvy       :"Medium."
 Shopkeeper    :"Here you are."
Miss Silvy       :"What is the price of it?"
 Shopkeeper    :"It is Rp. 45.000."
Miss Silvy       :"It is so-expensive, can I bargain?"
Shopkeeper    :"Sorry, it is a fixed price."
Miss Silvy       :"OK. I'II take it."

I. Chose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d!

1. Where is Miss Silvy? She is in the....

A. supermarket
B. tradisional market
C. mini market
D. bank

2. What size is needed by miss Silvy?
A. small
B. medium
C. large
D. all size

3. What is the price of the T-shirt?....rupiahs   

A. four hundred and five thousand
B. fourty hundred and five thousand
C. four thousand and five hundred
D. fourty five thousand

4. Can Miss Silvy bargain?  
A. yes, she can
B. no, he can't
C. yes, she can't
D. no, she can't

5. A   : How much does it cost?
    B   : it....Rp. 5.000

A. does
B. do
C. costs
D. price

6. My brother is....
A. swimming
B. watching
C. climbing
D. painting

7. What did you do last week? I....

A. hike
B. hiking
C. hikes
D. hiked

8. What did they do yesterday? they....

A. climb
B. climbing
C. climbed
D. climbes

9. We the swimming pool at the moment

A.  swim
B.  swimming
C.  swam
D.  swum

10. What are they doing now? they are....TV

A. watch
B. watches
C. watching
D. watched

11.  I will send a letter, I need a.....

A. envelope
B. stamp
C. post mark
D. post office

12. Iqbal is going to the...He wants to send a letter
A. envelope
B. stamp
C. post mark
D. post office

 13. Write the address on the...
A. envelope
B. stamp
C. post mark
D. post office

14. The...delivers package and letter

A. postman
B. post mark
C. post card
D. post office

 15. My town' 421228
A. postmanB. post mark
C. postal code
D. post office

II. Fill in the blanks with the right answer!

  1. I want to swim, I'II go to....
  2. I am...television now
  3. Last holiday I home. So I was borred
  4. Baby duck is....
  5. Baby goat is....
  6. I want to send a letter, I must go to....
  7. Please put....on the envelope
  8. I the rainy season
  9. What is...of these trousers?
  10.  My rain coat is....than yours

III. Answer the following questions!

1. Where did you go last holiday?
2. What are you doing now?
3. What do you get every lebaran?
4. What is your favourite clothes?
5. Do you like shopping in the supermarket? why?
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