Latihan US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 UAS II TA 2013/2014

1.      There are some … on the plate.

A.     rice 
B.     parridge
C.     banana
D.     noodle

2.      Popeye likes it very much.
A.     carrat
B.     spinach
C.     potato
D.     tomato

3.      There is … water in the bottle.
A.     a
B.     many
C.     ony
D.     some

4.      Ronald and Rio buy two kilos of apples.
They … it very much.
A.     likes
B.     like
C.     hote
D.     hotes

5.      Ana … banana and grapes. She likes apples.
A.     do not like
B.     not like
C.     does not like
D.     not likes

6.      X : What is your favourite sports ?
Y : My favorite sports is … .

A.     basketball
B.     football
C.     badminton
D.     swimming

7.      My favorite … are pop, jazz and classical.
A.     film
B.     sports
C.     colour
D.     music

8.      Azzam :     … you prefer dancing or singing ?
      Laila   : I prefer dancing to singging.
A.     Do
B.     Does
C.     Are
D.     Is
9.      Mira  :        Look, Mita. I have a cake and a burger.
               Which do you prefer ?
      Mila : Well, … a cake.
A.     I prefer
B.     she prefer
C.     coke
D.     I prefers

10.  Look at the picture ! She is Mira. Mira’s  hobby is … .

A.     jogging
B.     swimming
C.     cyeling
D.     skate boarding

11.  Rani  :        What … your hobbies Bayu.
      Novi :        My hobbies are fishing and swimming.
A.     is
B.     are
C.     do
D.     does

12.  Reni : My hobbies are inline skating, swimming and listening to music. I also like reading books.
Does Reni like reading book ?
A.     Yes she is
B.     Yes she does
C.     No she is not
D.     No she does not

13.  Agus   : Do you like collecting stamps. Arkan?
      Arkan : Yes, … .
A.     it is
B.     I do
C.     he does
D.     he is

14.  Bayu : What … your favorite food … ?
      Tono : My favorite food are meatball and fried chicken.
A.     food
B.     drink
C.     sport
D.     hobby
15.  X : Where am I ?
Y : You … in the … .

A.     are  : hotel
B.     are : hospital
C.     were : hotel
D.     were : hospital

16.  A : Where is the hospital ?
B : It is … the library.

A.     beside
B.     in front of
C.     behind
D.     opposite

17.  A : Where is the zoo ?
B :  It’s … the library and the swimming pool.

A.     between
B.     behind
C.     opposabe
D.     beside

18.  There are some apples … the basket.
A.     at
B.     in
C.     on
D.     over

19.  There is some milk … the bottle.
A.     at
B.     in
C.     on
D.     over

20.  10.30 = ten thirty. Kita dapat menggunakan dengan cara lain yaitu … .
A.     thirty to ten
B.     a quarter to eleven
C.     a half past eleven
D.     a half past ten

21.  A. on the Pink street
B. on the yellow street
C. on the red street
D. on the green street

22.  A. behind
B. opposite
C. next to
D. in front of

23.  My brother give me a … of chocolate.
A.     piece
B.     bar
C.     slice
D.     box

24.  These are … in the jar.
A.     a candy
B.     an candy
C.     some candy
D.     some candies

25.  The clock shows … .

A.     two to two
B.     fifty two
C.     twenty to two
D.     two o’clock

26.  How many hours are there in a day.
There are … hours.
A.     twelve
B.     thorty six
C.     seven
D.     twenty four

27.  Yesterday was Sunday. The day after tomorrow is … .
A.     Monday
B.     Tuesday
C.     Wednesday
D.     Friday

28.  The fifth month of the year is … .
A.     April
B.     May
C.     June
D.     July

29.  Today is Sunny. Bagus wears a … .
A.     jacket
B.     umbrela
C.     cap
D.     raincoab

30.  This is a …

A.     button
B.     color
C.     pocket
D.     sleave

31.  The uniform of Elemmtary school are.
A.     White and black
B.     White and red
C.     White and blue
D.     White and grey


  1. 7-3-5-4-6-8-9-1-2
  2. 9-1-2-7-3-5-4-8-6
  3. 7-3-5-9-1-2-4-8-6
  4. 4-8-6-9-1-2-7-3-5
33.  Mrs. Hadi gets up five every morning. We can also say that.
  1. Mrs. Hadi always gets up at five in the morning.
  2. Mrs. Hadi sometimes gets up at five in the morning.
  3. Mrs. Hadi never gets up at five in the morning.
  4. Mrs. Hadi seldons gets up at five in the morning

34.  Paula is Michael’s aunt.
Michael is her … .
  1. nephew
  2. causin
  3. brother
  4. niece
35.  Mr. Arman is my uncle. Her wife is my … .
  1. mother
  2. sister
  3. grandmother
  4. aunt
36.  Mr. Imron is my grandmother.
Mrs. Imron is my grandmother.
They are my … .
  1. grandparents
  2. parents
  3. grandchildren
  4. granddaughter
37.  My mother smells the parfume with her … .
  1. eyes
  2. lips
  3. nose
  4. ears
38.  We can walk with our … .

A.     hand
B.     foot
C.     neck
D.     toe

39.    Anton’s  hair is straight but Juni’s hair is …
  1. short
  2. long
  3. beautiful
  4. curly

40.  My grandfather is strong but my grandmother is … .
A.     weak
B.     tired
C.     old
D.     short

41.  You write in the blackboard by a.
A.     pencil
B.     chalk

C.     pen
D.     ruler

42.  We can keep our books, pensils and pens in our … .
43.  pencil-case
44.  box
45.  bag
46.  chair

47.  The students make some experiments in the… .
A.     library
B.     laboratory

C.     dassroom
D.     office

48.  They teach and guide students in our school.
They are … .
A.     students
B.     headmaster

C.     teachers
D.     gardener

49.  Rina : What is … name ?
Didi : My name is Didi.
A.     you
B.     your

C.     his
D.     her

50.                       Rindi           : Hi, what is your name ?
      Abdul : My name is Abdul
      Rindi  : Where … from.
      Abdul : I am from Madura.
A.     do you
B.     are you

C.     are you come
D.     is you

51.  There is a dog … the chair.

A.     on
B.     beside
C.     under
D.     behind

52.  There is a pencil … the pencilcase.

A.     on
B.     in
C.     at
D.     under

53.  The book is … the chair.

A.     on
B.     in
C.     at
D.     under

54.  The map is … the wall.
A.     at
B.     on
C.     bear
D.     in front of

55. Look at the map and fill the blank.

A : Excuse me, where is the nearest bank,
      please ?
B : Oh, it’s ( ) Pink st, ( ) Mail. 
A : Thank you very much
B : That ok

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