Prediksi US Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 UAS II TA 2013/2014

A.     Choose the right answer!!

1.      Mr. Darren works in a hospital.  He treats his patients there.  He is a ….
A.    nurse                   
B.    teacher          
C.    doctor
D.    carpenter

2.      Mrs. William is my aunt.  She can cook delicious food. She works in a restaurant as a ….
A.    chef              
B.    dancer           
C.    chief
D.    stewardess

3.      If you have a toothache, you must go to see a ….
A.      medicine        
B.     mechanic       
C.     oculist
D.     dentist

4.      Patrick     : “………….?”
Jeffrey    : “She is a house wife.  She  works at home.”
A.      What is your mother’s name?
B.     Where is your mother going?
C.     How is your mother?
D.     What is your mother?

5.      My grand father has a problem with his eyes.  So, he must go to see an ….
A.      oculist            C.    dentist       
B.     teller              D.    farmer

6.      My father brings his car to Mr. Dylan’s garage. He can repair many kinds of cars and motorcycles.  He is a ….
A.      driver                   
B.     mechanic       
C.     actor
D.     soldier


       “Look at that man! He is so ……….”
A.      clever                   
B.     weak               
C.     strong
D.     lazy

8.      Steven always comes late to school.  He is a ….  student
A.      weak             
B.     diligent          
C.     lazy               
D.     clever

9.      Mrs. Coles is 77 years old.  She is an old woman.  The opposite of old is ….
A.      young                   
B.     strong           
C.     healthy
D.     small

10.    Look at the picture!


       The lady is very beautiful.  She has …. , …. hair.
A.      short, straight
B.     long, curly
C.     long, straight
D.     short, curly

11.    Giraffe comes from Africa.  It has a very …. neck.
A.      tame              C.    long           
B.     wild                D.    short

12.    Elephant is not a wild animal. It is a …. animal.
A.      strange           C.    tame
B.     small              D.    thin

13.    Doggy is my dog. It is fat and has a short tail.

14.   The book has 1999 pages.  It is so ….
A.      small              C.    thick
B.     thin                D.    large

15.    My little sister doesn’t have a big doll. She …. a small doll.
A.      have              C.    has
B.     is                          D.  are

16.    We …. ten fingers an ten toes.
A.      are                 C.    has
B.     have              D.    is

17.    Elephant is a rare animal. It …. a trunk.
A.      is                   C.    isn’t
B.     have              D.    has

18.    My friend, Anna, has so many stamps. She likes collecting stamps.  She …. philatelist.
A.      is                          C.   am
B.     has                D.    aren’t

19.    Look at the pictures below!
       The two women …. a mole on their left cheek and the man …. a mole on his right cheek.
A.      have, has      
B.     have, have    
C.     has, has
D.     has, have

20.    Kentung is so fat. He is 100 kg, but Doyok is ….  he is only 45 kg.
A.      thin                C.    tall
B.     strong            D.    short

 Answer the questions below!

1.      Mr and Mrs. Burhan work in their richfield everyday. They are ….

2.      Tya always gets 10 in math. She is a .… student.

3.      I …  a pet. It is a parrot.
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