Latihan UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 2 UAS II TA 2013/2014 Kunci


Read this text carefully!
     Hi, I am Rudy. I have a friend. Her name is Rina. I am student. I am in the 4th class now. I am nine years old. This is my school uniform. A white shirt, red shorts, red cap, red tie, white socks and black shoes.

I. Answer the question!
   1. Who is Rudi's friend?
   2. What is Rudy?
   3. What class is he in?
   4. How old is he?
   5. What is the colour of his shoes and socks?

II. Choose the correct answer!

1. Are there boys and girls in the classroom?....
   A. yes, there is
   B. yes, that is
   C. yes, there are
   D. yes, this is

2. Are they student?....
   A. no, they are not
   B. no, they are
   C. yes, there ar
   D. yes, they are not

3. Is Rudi Rina's friend...?
   A. yes, he is
   B. yes,it is
   C. yes, she is
   D. yes, it is not

4. Rudi and rina: Mr. ahmad is....teacher.
   A. his
   B. our
   C. her
   D. my

5. The blackboard is ....the classroom.
   A. behind
   B. beside
   C. in front of
   D. to

6. ...boxes are there? there are three boxes.
   A. what
   B. how many
   C. how
   D. are there
7. I am a student. Tina and Kasim are...too.
   A. a teacher
   B. a students
   C. students
   D. a student

8. Sardi eat an apple. There are five ....on the table.
   B. apple
   C. an apple
   D. the apple

9. You buy....Now you have two umblellas.
   A. umbrellas
   B. umbrella
   C. an umbrella
   D. an umbrellas

10. There...motorcycle on the road.
   A. is
   B. am
   C. are
   D. the

11. one-four-seven-....
   A. nine
   B. eight
   C. eleven
   D. ten

12. five-ten-fifteen-...
   A. sixteen
   B.  twenty one
   C.  twenty
   D.  twenty five
13. Mr. Andi has a car. It
   A. has
   B. her
   C. his
   D. our

14. Children have toys. There
   A. her
   B. my
   C. his
   D. our

15. Dini has flowers...are her flowers.
   A. it
   B. there
   C. her
   D. we



1. rudi's friend is rina
2. he is a student
3. he is an fourth class
4. he is 9 years old
5. they are black and white


1. c
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. c
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