Prediksi UKK Bahasa Inggris 4 SD Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

I.     Please cross (x)  a, b, c, or d before right answer !

1.     Alya : where can you see the kinds of animals ?
        Reza : in ….
a.     the movie                                                                          c.     the hospital
b.     the zoo                                                                               d.     the garden
2.     the … is a big animal
a.     lion                                                                                     c.     elephant
b.     clog                                                                                     d.     cat
3.                                     Almas : is that a chicken ?
                                Nabilah : No, that isn’t that is …

a.     a snake                                                                              c.     a fish
b.     a bird                                                                                  d.     a tiger
4.     we use pencil for
a.     write                                                                                   c.     cat
b.     read                                                                                    d.     drink
5.     …. a lion and a tiger in the cages
a.     there are                                                                            c.     that are
b.     there is                                                                               d.     that is
6.     Nabilah : I give this cat for you ! arti ungkapan ini adalah …
a.     saya menolong kucingmu                                             c.     saya memberi kucing untukmu
b.     saya meminta kucingmu                                               d.     saya meminjam kucingmu
7.     The animal like eat banana is …
a.     a dog                                                                                  c.     a cat
b.     a monkey                                                                          d.     a bird
look ! a lion and a tiger
Are in the cages the monkeys
Are eating bananas, the bird’s
Are flaying and the snakes
Are sleeping


8.     What animals are sleeping ?
a.     tiger                                                                                    c.     bird
b.     lion                                                                                     d.     snake
9.     What animals are flying ?
a.     monkey                                                                             c.     bird
b.     snake                                                                                 d.     lion
10.  Do you like animals ?
a.     yes I like                                                                            c.     yes I can
b.     yes, I have                                                                        d.     yes I cloes
11.  How many day in a week
a.     nine                                                                                    c.     seven
b.     six                                                                                       d.     five
12.  Setiap tanggal 1 januari kita mengucapkan
a.     Happy birthday                                                               c.     Happy Song
b.     Happy New Year                                                             d.     Happy In January
13.  Today is Sunday, tomorrow is ….
a.     Saturday                                                                           c.     Friday
b.     Monday                                                                            d.     Tuesday
14.  The month after November is …
a.     December                                                                          c.     June
b.     July                                                                                     d.     August
15.  Jika ada teman yang berulang tahun kama kita mengucapkan …
a.     Happy Holiday                                                                c.     Happy Birthday
b.     Happy New Year                                                             d.     Happy Song

                                                        a.     January the tenth    c.     January the first
                                                        b.     January the second d.     January the ninth
17.  Bila kita berpisah dengan teman kita mengucapkan …
a.     thank you                                                                         c.     good bye
b.     good after moon                                                              d.     happy day
18.  Boleh saya meminjam bukumu ?
a.     can I have a book ?                                                        c.     may I borrow your book ?
b.     can you habe a ruler ?                                                    d.     may I borrow your bag ?
19.  This day O-N-M-Y-D-A is …
a.     mon day                                                                            c.     yod day
b.     man day                                                                            d.     day mon
20.  How many month in a year?
a.     ten                                                                                      c.     twelve
b.     eleven                                                                                d.     nine
21.  kamu berjumpa dnegan bu guru pada jam 09.00 kamu mengucapkan …
a.     good day                                                                           c.     good morning
b.     good after noon                                                               d.     good night
22.  Reza ….(memberi) me a book.
a.     give                                                                                     c.     help
b.     opens                                                                                 d.     closes
23.                                                                  Look ! there are

a.     three pencil                                                                       c.     four flowers
b.     four books                                                                        d.     four pen
24.  this month is may, next month is
a.     June                                                                                    c.     August
b.     July                                                                                     d.     April
25.  The month before July is
a.     August                                                                               c.     June
b.     May                                                                                   d.     April
26.  My brother is 17 years
        Arti bahasa inggis (17) adalah
a.     nineteen                                                                             c.     sixteen
b.     seventeen                                                                          d.     twienty
27.  What is this ? is a …
a.     car                                                                                      c.     nose
b.     eye                                                                                      d.     mouth
28.  teacher : hello good morning children
        Student : …… sir
a.     good night                                                                         c.     good morning
b.     good day                                                                           d.     good after noon
29.  What animal can help farmer in the field?
a.     cat                                                                                      c.     tiger
b.     buffalo                                                                              d.     snake
30.  ….. after Friday is …
a.     Sunday                                                                              c.     Saturday
b.     Monday                                                                            d.     Tuesday

II.    Jawablah pertanyaan berikut dengan benar !

31.  The day after Sunday is …
32.  We have … months in a year
33.  There …. two rabbits in the cage
34.  Animal likes eating banana is …
35.  Temanmu berulang tahun, maka kamu mengucapkan …
36.  She likes watching television. Watching artinya …
37.  How many day are …in a week ?
38.  How many months are in a year ?
39.  What the first month in a year ?
40.  d-y-s-t-u-e-a susun menjadi nama hari ….

III. Answer the following question

41.  Mention of months in a year !
42.  Write down 3 animals in the zoo !
43.  artikan kata-kata di bawah ini dalam bahasa Inggris
        - bag                       - book                    - pencil
44.  The color, flag our country is …

45.  Mention of day in a week !
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