Kumpulan Soal Try Out UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD TA 2009/2010

SOAL TRY OUT 9 UN 2009/2010

1. This dialog is for questions no 1 to 3
Man : Hello, Sir! I’d like you to meet my friend.
Lia, this is my teacher,
Mr. Dharmawan.
Woman: How do you do, Mr. Dharmawan?
Mr. Dharmawan: ….
Narrator: The best response expressed by Mr. Dharmawan is ….
a. Hello
b. Good morning.
c. How are you?
d. How are things?
e. How do you do, Lia?
2. Narrator: Who is involved in the dialog?
a. A father and a daughter
b. A teacher and a student
c. A teacher and his friends
d. A conductor and a passenger
e. A customer and a shop- assistant
3. Narrator: What is the dialog about?
a. Parting
b. Greeting
c. Offering
d. Agreement
e. Introduction
Woman : Hello, Andi. Why are you here without your mother. Where is she?
Man : My mother is hospitalized now. She is suffering from a serious disease, cancer.
4. What may the woman respond to the news?
a. I’ll be happy to hear that
b. You must be very upset then
c. You must be very happy with it
d. Really? How happy you are now?
e. I think it is really good information
5. There is more than one person. They have formal meeting. They are Alice, Smith, and John. They talk about their business programs.
Which is the most suitable picture for the description given?
6. Woman : Good morning, Sir. Do you enjoy your night in this hotel?
Man : Yes. ….
What may be the next statement expressed by the man?
a. Many people don’t enjoy staying here
b. I am satisfied with the service given
c. The service given here is bad
d. I’m glad to see you here
7. Man : What about watching Harry Porter film tonight?
Woman: Harry Potter? That’s great.
Narrator: What is the next suitable statement for the woman’s expression?
a. I am reluctant to watch such kind of film.
b. I’m fond of watching such kind of film.
c. I dislike watching such kind of film.
d. I hate watching such kind of film.
8. Man : Would you watch ‘Harry Potter’ with me tonight?
Woman: I’d love to…
Narrator: What is suitable to complete the woman’s expression?
a. and I want to go with you to see ‘Harry Potter’
b. and it’s my pleasure to see the film
c. but I’m happy to go with you
d. but I’m busy working
9. Man : May I borrow your notebook?
Woman: Yes, please. Today it’s free. But I will need it tomorrow
Man : O.K. I’ll return it to you tomorrow.
Narrator: The woman is expressing ….
a. agreement
b. permission
c. invitation
d. advise
10. Man : What do you think of the result of the test of your students?
Woman: There are only few students get good result.
Most students get bad result.
Man : So, How do you feel about it?
Narrator: What statement is best expressed by the woman?
a. I’m really dissatisfied with it
b. I’m really satisfied with it
c. I’m really happy with it
d. They are really great

11. He is a king of pop. He has a curly hair. He has black skin. He is around seventeen years old. He is a cute and kind man.
Which picture is suitable for the discription given?

12. This is one of miracles in the world. It is found in India. It was made for the India king’s wife. It is used for praying.
Which is the best picture for the description given?

“sekaten” is a traditional ceremony held annually in the Islamic month of maulud to commemorate the birthday of prophet Muhammad. The history of “sekaten”,going back more than 500 years to the year of 1478, was held for the first time during the golden age of Demak kingdom.
There are two important “sekaten” ceremonies : the opening and the closing ceremonies, with an internal of seven days in between. The opening ceremony starts with a royal procession that carries the two huge sets of sacred “gamelan” from the palace to the great mosque. The closing ceremony, known as Grebeg Maulud, is the most interesting because after the procession brings the “gamelan” back to the palace, a”rice mountain” called “gunungan” is cut up and distributed to the crowds of people who have gathered in the square.
13. When was “sekaten” held for the first time?
a. In 1478
b. During the golden age of Demak Kingdom
c. In the Islamic month of maulud.
d. 500 years ago
e. The birthday of prophet Muhammad
The answer: B
14. What is the most interesting in the closing of sekaten ceremony?
a. Rice mountain
b. Gunungan
c. Gamelan
d. Demak kingdom
e. Grebeg maulud
The answer: E
15. Where do the people gather to get “gunungan”?
a. In the great mosque
b. In the kingdom
c. In the square
d. In the mountain
e. In the palace

The answer: C
Reading section
To commemorate our school’s tenth anniversary, we will hold “painting contest”. All students must participate in this contest.
1. Theme of the paintings is our school conditions
2. Use water colour for your painting
3. Collect it before March 13th ,2009 at the secretariat.
Contact person: Angel : 08566778899
Sondach : 0822334455

16. What is the announcement about?
a. Water colour painting.
b. School’s anniversary
c. School’s condition
d. Student’s contests
e. School painting
17 When should the requirements be collected?
a. March 12th ,2009
b. March 14th ,2009
c. March 15th ,2009
d. March 16th ,2009
e. March 17th ,2009

Mr. George, Boulevard street no 10, Canada
July 25th,2009
Dear Sirs,

Faulty (xyz) product
I’m afraid that the enclosed (xyz) product doesn’t work. It is the third one I’ve had to return this month (see attached correspondence).I bought it from ABC stores at Newtown, Big County on (date). I was careful to follow the instructions for use, honestly. Other than the three I’ve had to return recently, I’ve always found your products to be excellent. I’d be grateful if you could send a replacement and refund my postage (state amount).
I really appreciate your help.
Yours faithfully
J Smith (Mrs)
18. What kind of letter is it?
a. Reply of a letter of complaint
b. Letter of Complaint
c. Letter of Sympathy
d. Application Letter
e. Personal letter
19. The letter is sent to…
a. Mr. Smith
b. Mrs. Smith
c. Mr. George
d. ABC store
e. Correspondence
20. I’ve always found your products to be excellent.
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Bad
b. Worse
c. The worst
d. Very well
e. Very good
21. The communicative purpose of the letter is to ….
a. Reply
b. Suggest
c. Advice
d. Complain
e. Express sympathy

To all great parents in Semarang
Do you want your 3-6 years- old children to be better reader?
Join our program and discover how well your little ones can read!
Duration : 3 months( August- October)
Time: 09.A. MM- 12 A. M (except weekend)
Fee : Rp. 200.000,- per month ( to be paid at the administration office)
Get your forms at Sanggar Baca Kusuma Reception Counter today.
Closing Date : 30 May
22. If there is a child who wants to join the program, his parents will have to pay for ….
a. Rp. 200. 000,-
b. Rp. 300.000,-
c. Rp. 450.000,-
d. Rp. 600.000,-
e. Rp. 900.000,-
23. What is this advertisement about?
a. A children program
b. Sanggar Baca Kusuma program
c. A reading course for children
d. Reading contest
e. How to be a better reader
24. Join our program and discover how well your little ones can read!
The underlined word means….
a. Find out
b. Take
c. Invent
d. Intend
e. Get

The cake and the small ants
The mouse was nibbling the cake left over by some picnickers when the cat came over and said that the cake was his. The mouse stopped and argued with the cat.
The duck walked past, saw the cake and said “That’s my cake.” Then came along the chicken followed by the lamb. All of them said that the cake belonged to them. While they were quarrelling, an army of ants carried the cake away.
“ Where’s my cake?” the mouse screamed. “ You took my cake!” the mouse said to the cat. The cat turned to the duck and called him a thief. The animals had a big fight over the big cake.
In the meantime, the ants had taken the cake to their hiding place and were enjoying the cake. “ Yummy. Isn’t this cake a real treat?” one ant asked. Hearing the question, all of other ants burst out laughing.
25. Which statement is not true according to the text?
a. All of the animals were quarrelling over a piece of cake.
b. The ants had taken the cake away from the animals.
c. The animals were blaming each others
d. The cake was belong to the animals.
e. The animals had a big fight.
26. Where did the mouse get the cake?
a. He got it from the cat
b. He got it from the other animals
c. He got it from some picnickers
d. He got it from the ants
e. He got it from the thief
27. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
a. The ants have to quarrel to get the cake
b. The ants took the cake into their hiding place
c. The ants took the cake where the others animals were fighting upon it.
d. The ants laughed at the other animals
e. The cake was very nice.
28. What lesson could we get from the story above?
a. Don’t steal others’ belonging.
b. Stealing is nice
c. Don’t quarrel over something which does not belong to you
d. Honesty is important in our life
e. We have to fight until the end
New York. The September 11, 2001 attack consisted of the series of coordinated suicide attacks by Al-Qaedah on that date upon the United State of America.
On that morning nineteen terrorists affiliated with al-Qaedah hijacked four commercial jet airliners. Each team of hijacker included a member who has undergone some pilot training. The hijacker intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the World Trade Center in New York city, one plane into each tower, resulting in the collapse of both buildings soon afterward and extensive damage to nearby buildings. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, near Washington, D.C. The forth plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Department of Defence said about 2,974 people died as an immediate result of the attack. One person died from lung disease because of the exposure to WTC dust. Another 24 people are missing and presumed dead. The total number of victims to 2,999 – most of whom were civilians.
29. What is the author’s main point in the passage above?
a. Al Qaeda’s attack on September 11, 2001 in New York
b. Four commercial airlines that were hijacked by the terrorist.
c. Nineteen terrorists who were affiliated with Al- Qaeda.
d. The four planes crashed near the town of Shanksville
e. The victims of WTC accident.
30. How many victims died on the WTC accident?
a. 24 people
b. 2,974 people
c. 2,999 people
d. 2.998 people
e. 3023 people
31. The word collapse in the second paragraph has the closest meaning with the word ….
a. Disappear
b. Broken
c. Damage
d. Fall down
e. Fall out
Going to Kepulauan Seribu for holiday sounds really fun. Actually, we wanted to go to Bidadari Island but something happened. On the night we were about to leave, our neighbor, Mrs. Rahma called for help. She is in a wheelchair now.
When my mother and I went to her house, we were shocked. The house was very messy. Her maid just returned to her village and Mrs. Rahma’s 10 years old twin daughters were too sick to clean the house. They also had high fever. So, my mother cooked and cleaned the house. I had to give the girls their medicines. I wiped their bodies with wet towels. My father had vacuumed the house. The whole week was spent helping Mrs. Rahma and her family.
That was how I spent the school holidays. My parents said, when someone needs our help, we have to help them first.
32. Why couldn’t Mrs. Rahma’s daughters help their mother??
a. They went to Kepulauan Seribu
b. They had holidays in Bidadari Island
c. They were too sick to work
d. The house was in a mess
e. They were paralyzed.
33. Why did the writer and his mother feel shock?
a. Because they saw Mrs. Rahma’s daughters were sick
b. Because Mrs. Rahma was in a wheelchair
c. Because Mrs. Rahma’s maid just returned to her village
d. Because Mrs. Rahma called for help
e. Because the house was very messy
34. What does the writer’s main point in the last paragraph?
a. He spent his holidays helping his neighbor.
b. He had to help his neighbor first before going to Kepulauan seribu.
c. He spent his school holidays in Mrs. Rahma’s house
d. He and his parents stayed at Mrs. Rahma’s house for the whole holiday
e. He had a terrible holiday.
Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals. They are nor classified in the class of insecta. A spider has eight legs while an insect never has more than six legs.
Spiders have a body with two main divisions, four pairs of walking legs and two other pairs of abdominal spinnerets for spinning threads of silk. This silk can be used to aid in climbing, build egg sack and catch prey.
Spiders kill so many insect but they never do the least harm to man’s belongings. Spiders are busy for at least half of the year killing insects. It is impossible to find out how amny insects they kill, since they are hungry creatures which can not be content with only 3 meals a day.
35. What does the text tell about?
a. Predatory animals
b. Spiders
c. Tame animals
d. Invertebrate animals
e. Insecta
36. Why can’t spiders be classified in the class of insecta?
a. Because spiders have more than six legs
b. Because spider’s bodies have two main division
c. Because they have walking legs
d. Because spiders kill many insects
e. Because spiders are hungry creatures
37. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. To describe about spiders
b. Tell a particular spiders in chronological order
c. To describe about an insect
d. To persuade people about spiders
e. To retell the story about spiders.
38. Which sentence describes the behavior of spiders?
a. A spider has six legs
b. A spider has a body with two main divisions
c. A spider has four pairs of walking legs
d. A spider kills so many insects
e. A spider is a hungry creature
Venice is a city in northern Italy, the capital of region Veneto. Together with Padua the city is included in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan area. Venice is also nicknamed as “ Queen of the Adriatic”, “ City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, and “ The City of Light”.
With the population of 271,251, the city starches across 117 small island in the marshy Venetian lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in north- east Italy. Around 62,000 people inhabit the historic city of Venice (centro storico), 176,000 people live in firm land ( Terraferma), mostly live in the large frazione of Mestre capital and Marghera, and 31,000 live on other island in the lagoon.
The Venetian republic was a major maritime power and a very important centre of famous commerce, especially silk, grain, and spice trade. It was also the central of Renaissance art up to the end of the 17th century.
39. What could be the best title for the text above?
a. The capital of region Veneto
b. City of Water
c. Island in the Lagoon
d. Venice
e. A city in Northern Italy
40. Around 62,000 people inhabit the historic city of Venice (centro storico),…
What does the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Live
b. Stay
c. Find
d. Like
e. Hate
41. Which of the following is not the nickname of Venice?
a. Centro storico
b. Queen of the Adriatic
c. City of water
d. City of Bridges
e. City of Light
42. The Venetians live in this area, except…
a. In the city of Venice
b. In Terraferma
c. In the large frazione of Mestre and Marghera
d. On other islands in the Venetian Lagoon
e. In the metropolitan area.
I personally believe that libraries are among humanities most important institutions for several reasons.
Firstly, most of humanities collective knowledge is store in libraries. Secondly, libraries protect and preserve this knowledge. They also classify or group the materials into logical and easily available divisions.
Furthermore, libraries make the materials available to everyone and even provide librarian to help us to find what we need.
Finally, libraries are our link to the past and our gift to the future.
From the fact above, I conclude that libraries are important for humanity.
43. What does the text tell about?
a. The importance of libraries
b. The importance of humanity
c. The knowledge protected in the library
d. The most important institution
e. The libraries among humanity
44. Libraries are among humanity’s important institutions for …. reasons.
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
e. Five
45. Who will help us to find what we need in library?
a. A library
b. A librarian
c. A person in the library
d. A library member
e. A volunteer
One small reason why we should all learn to choose wood
One of the biggest threats to our children’s future is climate change caused by global warming.
There is no single, simple solution, but we’d like to tell you about the good wood can do and why all of us should, wherever possible, be using it.
Trees suck in carbon dioxide out of the air and lock it away, so forestry is a vital part of any strategy to slow global warming. When we use the wood, the carbon stays locked up and the replanted trees start the cycle again.
And, despite what you might believe, Europe’s stock of trees is actually growing, as we currently plant more than two trees for every one that we cut.
Not only is wood renewable, but it takes less energy to fell, transport and process than other building materials. And because it is a natural insulator, timber frame houses use less fuel to heat.
So, next time when you need new floor, replacement with window, a patio or a new kitchen, stop or just a moment, remember all those little reason for choosing wood.
For more information visit http://www.woodforgood.com, or call us 08002790016.
46. The text is about ….
a. What the good wood can do
b. A strategy to slow global warming
c. Why we should learn to choose wood
d. The global warming
e. One of the biggest threat to our children’s future
47. Why is Europe’s stock of trees actually growing?
a. Because they plant more than two trees for every one they cut
b. Because the replanted trees start the cycle again
c. Because the European do not use the tree for their furniture
d. Because they plant one tree for every one they cut
e. Because the European care of the global warming
48. What is the social function of the text?
a. To retell about global warming
b. To explain about wood
c. To discuss about the reason to choose wood
d. To inform about climate change caused by global warming
e. To describe about European wood
49. What should you do if you want to get more information?
a. Visit http://www.woodforgood.com
b. Visit http://www.Europeanwood.com
c. Visit http://www.goodwood.com
d. Call European people
e. Call the member of good wood association
50. Not only is wood renewable ….
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
a. It can be renewed
b. It can not be renewed
c. It must be renewed
d. It must not be renewed
e. It can be returned
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