1.        We keep our pillow on the …
a.       Box
b.      Wardrobe
c.       Bed
d.      bathroom
2.        we sleep in the …
a.       mornig
b.      night
c.       afternoon
d.      day
3.        the first alphabet is …
a.       A
b.      B
c.       C
d.      D
4.        Arrange these word to make a correct sentences!
have – I – shoes – black
a.       I black have shoes
b.      Shoes black I have
c.       I have black shoes
d.      Black shoes have I
5.        We can see … in the zoo.
a.       Plates
b.      Pools
c.       Monkeys
d.      spoons
6.        there are many … at the bathroom.
a.       Tooth brushes
b.      Mirrors
c.       Doors
d.      windows
7.        where is Kebun Raya Bogor?
a.       in Bogor
b.      in Cianjur
c.       in Bandung
d.      in Jakarta
8.        basket ball, volley ball, foot ball are kind of …
a.       dance
b.      sport
c.       cloth
d.      game
9.        kecak dance come from …
a.       java
b.      Sumatra
c.       Bali
d.      Toraja
10.    Those are tame animal.
a.       Hen, cock, fish
b.      Lion, tiger, snake
c.       Rabbit, bird, dog
d.      Goose, monkey, iguana
11.    The accessories is used on the ears are …
a.       Wings
b.      Watches
c.       Brooches
d.      earrings
12.    do you want black coffee? Yes, coffee without …
a.       salt
b.      sand
c.       rice
d.      sugar
13.    we can find painting in a …
a.       market
b.      gallery
c.       shop
d.      dealer
14.    if the room is too hot, you must … the fan.
a.       Turn off
b.      Turn on
c.       play
d.      press
15.    if you wat to see wild animals, you have to go to a …
a.       palace
b.      museum
c.       zoo
d.      hot spring
16.    the sun set in the …
a.       west
b.      east
c.       north
d.      south
17.    my mother wants to drink milk, she needs a …
a.       glass
b.      pan
c.       mixer
d.      stove
18.    Robert comes from England. He speaks …
a.       Indonesian
b.      Englishian
c.       American
d.      English
19.    How … are you? I am twelve years old.
a.       Old
b.      Long
c.       Are
d.      far
20.    in the classroom there are so many …
a.       chairs
b.      table
c.       chair
d.      a chairs
21.    the floor is dirty. Please … it!
a.       Open
b.      Sweep
c.       Close
d.      turn
22.    the room is bright, we … the lamp in the morning.
a.       Switch on
b.      Turn on
c.       Switch off
d.      rewind
23.    Andre wears his watch on his …
a.       Head
b.      Knee
c.       Nose
d.      hand
24.    it is not good to stand up. Please … down please!
a.       Put
b.      Sit
c.       Help
d.      write
25.    my … is Siti Nuraena.
a.       Sure name
b.      Name
c.       Full name
d.      Nick name
26.    … is your father? He is 43 years old.
a.       Where
b.      How long
c.       How old
d.      what
27.    … is your mother? She is a nurse.
a.       Where
b.      How old
c.       When
d.      what
28.    the room is dark. Hari … the light.
a.       Turn on
b.      Turn off
c.       Sweeps
d.      ejects
29.    Laela has a dress, … dress is very nice.
a.       Is
b.      Him
c.       Her
d.      his
30.    Mr. Mulyana is sailing with his ship. He is a …
a.       tailor
b.      sailor
c.       labor
d.      doctor
31.    Mr. Edwin is sewing a shirt. She is a …
a.       Sailor
b.      Tailor
c.       postman
d.      teacher
32.    Mr. Dading lives … Sumedang.
a.       In
b.      On
c.       At
d.      with
33.    My uncle’s son is may …
a.       Aunt
b.      Cousin
c.       Nephew
d.      niece
34.    my mother’s brother is my …
a.       grandfather
b.      aunt
c.       father
d.      uncle
35.    the color of Indonesia flag is …
             a.       grey and white
             b.      red and white
             c.       red and brown
             d.      blue and green
36.    are there stundents in the classroom?
a.       Yes, there is
b.      No, there are
c.       Yes, there are
d.      No, there isn’t
37.    I and my family came here … last holiday.
a.       While
b.      During
c.       On
d.      in
38.    out teacher is standing … front of the class. She is writing on the …
a.       in-board
b.      under-board
c.       behind-class
d.      on-table
39.    we can … information in internet?
a.       Find
b.      Finding
c.       Have finding
d.      Find out
40.    My house is between museum … post office.
a.       With
b.      And behind
c.       Beside
d.    and
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