Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Materi Some ways to get healthy

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Some ways to get healthy
Who doesn’t want to be healthy ? Health is important to support all of our activities. If we get sick, our bodies need some treatments such as medicines and rest. Students have to be absent from school and employess don’t go to work. That’s why we have to keep our body healthy.
There are simply things we can do to maintain our health.First thing to do is to wake up early morning. We will get enough time to prepare everything. Including having exercises. After that, clean up our bodies by taking a bath thoroughly. Make sure you wear clean uniforms to school. Don’t forget your breakfast before starting the day.
In school,you can keep your health by eating right foods and drinks. Buy them in clean and safe place. Dirty foods and drink potentially cause stomachache or even worse, diarrhea.
The steps are simply and easy, right ? However, If you get sick, just take a rest and visit the doctor if needed.
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