Soal Bahasa Inggris UTS I Kelas 6 VI SD Semester 1 TA 2014/2015

TAHUN AJARAN 2014/2015

                                             Mata Pelajaran         : Bahasa Inggris
                                             Kelas                        : VI (Enam)
                                             Hari/Tanggal            : 
                                             Waktu                      : 90 menit
I.          Fill the blank with the right answer!
       The pictures for number 1-4!

1.         Tania lives on Jl. ....
2.         The shopping centre is        ...       cinema and hotel.
3.         Tania’s school is     ...     the police station.
4.         Tania’s school is     ...     the shopping centre.
5.         The opposite of south is   ...
6.         Look at the pictures!

           The ball is     ...     the chair.
7.         Look at the pictures!

The marble is     ...    the box.
8.         A: What do you usually do on holiday?
B: I usually go      ...     with my brother.

9.         Look at the pictures!

Rudi usually spends his holiday by ....
10.     Look at the pictures!

The mean of the sign is ....

  II.          Answer the question!
1.    Translate to Indonesian!
a.    Andika is front of the class.
b.    The zoo is beside the park.
c.    Tina usually cooking in holiday.
2.    Translate to English!
a.    Kelereng itu ada di dalam gelas.
b.    Kantin itu di belakang ruang perpustakaan.
c.    Hobi Adi adalah bermain sepak bola.
3.    Arrange the word become complete sentences!
a.    Facing – is – south – Dina 
b.    I – to – beach – go – the – usually
c.    Turn – dont – left – please!
4.    Look at the pictures!

Where is the Parking lot?
The parking lot is ....
5.    Look at the pictures!

a.    Nn                                            b.b                                             c. 
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