Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Prediksi US TA 2013/2014

I. Choose the right answer by crossing A, B, C, or D!

Text for number 1-5

Once upon a time, there was a dilligent girl named Cinderella. She was a poor girl. An angel gave her a pair of glass shoes to Cinderella.
One Day, Cinderella went to Prince’s party. She wore the glass shoes. The prince fell in love with her. He married Cinderella. They lived happyly forever.
1.    Who was Cinderella? She was a ...
a.    beatiful girl
c. pretty girl
b.    dilligent girl
d. prince of peace

2.    Who gave Cinderella a pair of glass shoes? She was a/an ...
a.    queen
c. angel
b.    king
d. prince

3.    Where did she go? She went to the ...
a.    palace
c. town
b.    party
d. country

4.    Cinderella wore a ...
a.    wedding dress
c. beatiful glasses
b.    pair of sport shoes
d. pair of glass shoes

5.    At the end of the story, Cinderella was ...
a.    confuse
c. happy
b.    angry
d. sad

Text for number 6-8

Anto an his father want to go fishing. They will fish at a port in their grandfather house. It is not far from their grandfather house. It is not far from their house, so they go there on foot.
There are so many big fish at the pond because their grandfather feeds the fish everyday.

6.    Anto goes fishing together with his ...
a.    friend
c. grandfather
b.    parent
d. father

7.    The pond is on their grandfather ...
a.    house
c. village
b.    city
d. country

8.    Their grandfather feeds the fish ...
a.    everytime
c. in his house
b.    everyday
d. at home

9.    I can see everythings because I have two ...
a.    ears
c. eyes
b.    noses
d. mouths

10. This is my school uniform. I wear it if I ...
a.    play on the field
c. sleep at home
b.    want to go camping
d. go to school

II.        Fill in the blanks with suitable words!

11.     I’m an elementary school.
This is my uniform.
The colour of skirt is ...
12.     Bathroom is for taking a bath, but bedroom is for ...
13.     X : How          ...               students are there in your class?
Y : There are forty five stundents.
14.     Tika : Do you like flower, Susy?
Susy : Yes, ...
15.     Whats your name = ...
your hobby = ...
your birthday = ...


1.       b
2.       c
3.       b
4.       d
5.       c
6.       d
7.       a
8.       b
9.       c
10.   d
11.   red
12.   sleeping
13.   much
14.   I do
15.   Nama, hobi, ulang tahun

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