Soal UTS 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 TA 2014/2015

Mata Pelajaran       : Bahasa Inggris                                    
Kelas                     : V (lima)
Hari / Tanggal        : 
Waktu                    :  07.30-08.30

1.      Tulislah Nama dan Nomor pada sudut kanan atas pada lembar jawabmu !
2.      Bacalah tiap – tiap soal dengan sebaik – baiknya !
3.      Kerjakan lebih dahulu soal yang kamu anggap paling mudah !
4.      Periksa kembali pekerjaan sebelum kamu serahkan pada Bapak / Ibu Guru !

I.       Berilah tanda silang (X) pada    huruf a, b atau c yang merupakan jawaban yang paling benar pada lembar jawab yang disediakan !

1.      Intan      : What is your name?
Dinda    :  …  is Dinda.
a.       My name
b.      Her  name
c.       Your name
d.      Our name
2.      A           : Do you like playing football?
B           : …
a.       Yes, I do
b.      No, I do
c.       Yes, I do not
d.      No, I like it.

What is his hobby?

a.       Playing football
b.      Playing voleeyball
c.       Playing piano
d.      Playing guitar

4.      Arrange into a good sentence.
jogging – I – like
a.      Jogging I like
b.      I like jogging
c.       Like I jogging
d.      I jogging Like
5.      Complete this sentence with the correct answer
This cap is  …
a.      Me
b.      I
c.       Mine
d.      My

The text for number 6 to 8
I have breakfast with bread and salad
I eat chiken soup for lunch
My mother cooks beef steaks for my dinner.
I love my mother, she prepares my meal everyday.
She always chooses the nutritious and healthy food for me.
I also say thank for her.

6.      What do you eat for for breakfast?
a.      Bread and salad
b.      Chiken soup
c.       Beef steaks
d.      Fried eggs
7.      Who does prepare meal everyday?
a.      Father
b.      Mother
c.       Brother
d.      Sister
8.      Which sentence that is not true?
a.      I eat bread and salad for breakfast
b.      I eat chiken soup for lunch
c.       I eat beef steaks for dinner
d.      I eat fried eggs for breakfast
9.      Santi      : Do you mind    …  to cook a beef steaks?
Mother  : Yes, offcourse.
a.      Teach
b.      Taught
c.       Teaching
d.      Teaches

10.  Father    : Give me a sugar, please. This coffee has not been sweet.
Dede     : How much do you want?
Father    :  …
a.       A cup of sugar
b.      A bowl of sugar
c.       A spoon of sugar
d.      A glass of sugar
11.   Randi   : What do you want to eat?
Jojon      : I want to eat  ….
a.      Sugar
b.      Cake
c.       Coffee
d.      Salt
12.  Anis       : Can you take the book to the my home, Rangga.?
Rangga  : … . I have a business, so I am very busy.
a.      Yes, with love
b.      Yes, I do
c.       No, I do
d.      No, I do not
13.  Arrange this leterrs into good word.
c – a – e – k
a.      Cake
b.      Kace
c.       Acek
d.      Caek
14.  What  …  Bondan like to eat?
a.      Do
b.      Does
c.       Are
d.      Am  

He likes to use     to go to school

a.      Car
b.      Motorcycle
c.       Bycycle
d.      Boat

II.    Jawablah dengan singkat dan tepat!
The text for number 1 – 2
Mr. Hendrawan is a police man.  His office is beside his house. He loves fishing. He goes fishing with his son every Sunday. They usually rent a boat. Then, they row the middle of lake and stay there until sunset. They love fishing.

1.      What is Mr. Hendrawan hoby?
2.      When do they go fishing?

3.      Arrange this words into good sentence.
likes – to eat – Mother -  Bakso.

4.      Translate this words into Indonesian language.
Reading                      : ….
Fishing                        : ….
Cooking                      : ….
5.      Translate this words into English.
Roti                            : ….
Sop ayam                    : ….

Nasi                            : ….
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