UAS I Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 1 TA 2014/2015

1.     Rani wants to go to school, she says good bye to her father and shake her ____ .
a.     ears
b.     body
c.     head
d.     hands

2.     Ganik          :           It’s time to go home now
                              Good bye, see you later
Kuni            :           ____ .
a.     All right
b.     Bye bye
c.     Good lock
d.     Thanks a lot

3.     X    :           What does the sign mean ?
Y    :           It means we ____ .
a.     don’t stop here
b.     we must stop
c.     must be careful
d.     don’t park here

4.     Melati    :     Would you mind borrowing me a             pen ?
Fika                        :           ____ .
Melati          :           It’s ok, never mind
a.     I am sorry, I am using it
b.     Sure
c.     Of course
d.     All right, here it is

5.     Dani                        :           Can you help me lift this box ?
Chandra      :           All right, let’s we lift it     together
Dani                        :           Thank you
Chandra      :           ____ .
a.     Fine, thanks
b.     Yes, I can
c.     you are welcome
d.     of course, I can

6.     X    :           Can I have a cup of tea, please ?
Y    :           ____ .
X    :           Thank you
Y    :           You are welcome
a.     No, you can not
b.     Yes, of course
c.     I am sorry
d.     I don’t like it

7.     X    :           How much is a kilogram of orange ?
Y    :           It is Rp 8.000,-
X    :           Can I bargain it ?
Y    :  ____ you can not. It is fixed price
a.     All right
b.     Sure, thank
c.     Of course
d.     I am sorry

8.     Intan     :     I am sorry Tita I can not             accompany you to go to the        swimming pool
Tita       :     I got cold and I want to take a    rest.
Intan           :           ____ , I will go there by myself
a.     Never mind
b.     How can it happen ?
c.     I feel disappointed
d.     I am happy

9.     This notice tell us not to ____ at that area. It is dangerous
a.     play
b.     drink
c.     swim
d.     sing

10.  Anita will go to the party. She is wearing a beautiful dress. She looks very beautiful in her dress. What will you say ?
a.     I don’t like your dress
b.     You look beautiful in you dress Anita !
c.     I think it is cheap
d.     Good bye, see you later

11.  Ella will celebrate her birthday party tomorrow. She invites you and Nando to come to her birthday party. You want to go there with Nando.
What will you say to him ?
a.     Will you go to Ella’s birthday party with me ?
b.     Does Ella invite you to come to her Birthday party ?
c.     Do you like the party ?
d.     Do you like the food ?

12.  X    :           Will you lend me your bicycle just a         moment, please ?
Y    :           Of course, I will
X    :           ____ .
Y    :           You are welcome
a.     What can I do ?
b.     How do you do ?
c.     Can I help you
d.     Thank you

13.  Zera            :           Oh you have stepped on my toe.
Nila             :           ____ I am in hurry.
a.     Pardon me
b.     Excuse me
c.     I am sorry
d.     That is all right

14.  Steve          :           Hello, my name is Steve
Rudi            :           Hi, Steve I am Rudi
                              Can you spell your name ____ ?
Steve          :           of course
                              /es/ /tie/ /i/ /vie/ /i/
Rudi            :           Thank you
                              How do you do, Steve ?
Steve          :           How do you do ?
a.     okay
b.     please
c.     sorry
d.     pardon

15.  A    :           ___ . Don’t you know Mr. Rusdiyanto ?
B    :           Yes, I know. He is my history teacher
C    :           Can I meet him ?
B    :           You can meet him in the teacher’s           office.
a.     Excuse me
b.     Are you fine
c.     Can you help me
d.     Are you okay

16.  The notice says “ ___ “
a.     throw the rubbish into the river
b.     sweep the floor everyday
c.     throw the rubbish on the yard
d.     don’t throw the rubbish on the yard

17.  Put your money in the ____ of your shirt.
a.     button
b.     pocket
c.     zipper
d.     sleeve

18.  X    :           Can I feed the animals in the zoo ?
Y    :           ___ . Those animals have special food
a.     Yes, you may
b.     No, you will not
c.     No, you can not
d.     Yes, you can

19.  Dewa    :     May I go out to watch football     competition at stadium, Mom ?
Mother  :     ____  you may but be careful and            don’t go home late, son
Dewa          :           Thank you Mom
a.     Sure
b.     I doubt
c.     I am sorry
d.     No, you may not
20.  X    :           What will you do next holiday ?
Y    :           I ‘ll go fishing with Anto, will you join                   us ?
X    :           ____ I will visit my uncle to Surabaya
a.     I’d like it
b.     That is a good idea
c.     All right
d.     I’m afraid I can’t

21.  Mother        :           Who broke the glass ?
Dhani          :           ___ , Mom
                              May be Sita. She drank a glass of                                                ice tea just now.
a.     No, I am not
b.     Yes, I am
c.     No, I did not
d.     Yes, I did

22.  Endru          :           Can I help you, Sir ?
Tourist        :           ____ ?
Endru          :           Yes, Sure. It is on Jl. Patimura.
                              You can take a taxi, Sir
a.     Yes, help me please
b.     Can you show me the hotel near here ?
c.     Let’s we go together
d.     Yes, I know

23.  Your friend celebrates her birthday party. What will you say to her ?
a.     Happy birthday to you
b.     Have a nice day
c.     Have a nice dream
d.     Good luck

24.  The traffic light is yellow. So, you must ____ .
a.     go a head
b.     stop
c.     be careful
d.     turn left, please

25.  Erni             :           May I introduce my self.
                              I am Erni.
Kunti           :           How do you do ?
                              My name is Kunti.
Erni             :           How do you do ?
                              It’s nice to meet you.
Kunti           :           _____ .
a.     See you later
b.     I am very well, thank you
c.     How are you
d.     Nice to meet you too

26.  X    :           Do you have holiday on Sunday ?
Y    :           Yes, I have
X    :           How about going to the museum next                  Sunday ?
Y    :           ____ . Ok I’d like too.
a.     Thank you very much
b.     It is a good idea
c.     I don’t like it
d.     Let’s go now

27.  X    :           Can I barrow your computer just a          moment, please ?
Y    :           _____ , I am using it myself
a.     No, you can not
b.     Never mind
c.     Yes, you can
d.     Of course

28.  X    :           Do you like to listen to music ?
Y    :           Yes, I do
X    :           I like dangdut music. By the way di         you like it too ?
Y    :           ____ .
                  I like pop music
a.     I like it
b.     Of course I like
c.     No, I don’t like
d.     I am sorry

29.  The sign of the following picture means ____ .
a.     No entering, here !
b.     No swimming, here !
c.     No, parking, here !
d.     No, smoking here !

30.  Sheila wants to close the window. She asks Yuska to help her because she is near the window. Sheila says ____ .
a.     Do you mind opening the window, please ?
b.     Do you mind closing the window, please ?
c.     Would you like to open the window, please ?
d.     Don’t close the window, please.

31.  X    :           Would you like to have lunch with me      at canteen now ?
Y    :           ____ , I have to finish my work first
a.     Let’s go together
b.     Ok, let’s have lunch now
c.     I am sorry I can’t
d.     Yes, I like too

32.  X    :           What is the weather fore cast today ?
Y    :           I think it is going to ____ .
Bring your umbrella, please !
a.     foggy
b.     cloudy
c.     windy
d.     rain
33.  Look at the picture !

Tourist  :     Excuse  me, can you show me     where   is the square, please ?
Zusron  :     All right. Please go a head and    turn ____ . The square is on the ____ of the T-junction.
a.     left-left
b.     left-right
c.     right-left
d.     right-right

34.  X    :           What is your hobby ?
Y    :           I like ____ .

a.     fishing
b.     swimming
c.     rowing
d.     jogging

35.  X    :           Why do you look so sad, Rani ?
Y    :           My father is sick now and I have a          test today
X    :           ____ .
Y    :           Thanks for your sympathy
a.     It’s ok. Don’t be sad
b.     I like to hear that
c.     I am sorry to hear that
d.     Let’s me help you

36.  Father needs a spoon of ____ and two spoons of sugar to make a cup of delicious drink before going to his office.
a.     coffee
b.     syrup
c.     juice
d.     beer

37.  X    :           Whose bicycle is that ?
Y    :           That bicycle is ____ .
a.     she
b.     her
c.     hers
d.     herself

38.  Your little sister’s body is warm. You should give her medicine. I think she gets ____ . Measure her body temperature by using thermometer
a.     cough
b.     fever
c.     cold
d.     headache

39.  X    :           May I use your phone ?
Y    :           ____ but don’t be too long
a.     Excuse me
b.     Pardon me
c.     All right
d.     I am sorry

40.  X    :           What is mother doing ?
Y    :           She is _____ soup in the kitchen.

a.     taking
b.     watering
c.     boiling
d.     cooking

41.  The ruler B is _____ than the ruler A.
a.     longer
b.     taller
c.     shorter
d.     largerer

42.  A plane is taking take off and landing at a/an ____ .
a.     bus station
b.     rail way station
c.     harbour
d.     airport

43.  Keep the catalogue card in the ____ .
a.     desk
b.     drawer
c.     locker
d.     cup board

44.  Talita    :     What will you do next vacation,   Sarah ?
Sarah    :     My sister and I ___ going to visit             my uncle in Jakarta
a.     will
b.     am
c.     are
d.     is

45.  1) It fell hungry
2) The farmer got angry
3) It ate some cucumber
4) A mouse deer walked near the garden
5) The farmer caught and put it in a cage
6) It saw a lot of cucumber

The best arrangement of the jumbled            sentences is ____ .
a.     4-6-1-3-2-5
b.     4-5-6-2-3-1
c.     4-3-2-1-6-5
d.     4-2-6-3-5-1

46.  I want to translate some English sentences into Indonesian. I will borrow a ____ in the library. I will find some difficult word in it
a.     atlas
b.     newspaper
c.     dictionary
d.     magazine

47.  Look at the picture !

X    :           Where is the school ?
Y    :           It is ___ the market
a.     beside
b.     between
c.     near
d.     in front of

48.  Mrs. Lina     :           Tika, our kitchen is very dirty
a.     Water the flowers, please
b.     Clean the kitchen, please
c.     Sweep the floor, please
d.     Wash the curtain, please

Text for question number 49 – 50

Two Thin Goat

            Once then were two tiny goats. Both of were hungry. They were tied together with a brown rope. They wanted to eat the green leaves from two separated bushes.
            The goats thought that they coud do everything on their own. However, the rope was short. They tried and tried, but they couldn’t reach it. They eat the leaves on the right. Than, they are the leaves on the left. The goats were happy because they didn’t feel hungry anymore.

49.  What did the goats want to eat ?
a.     trees
b.     bushes
c.     a brown rope
d.     green leaves

50.  Why were the goats sad ?
a.     They were hungry
b.     The rope was short
c.     They couldn’t reach the bushes
They thought they could do everything
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