The sun shines brightly.

1. It is a ________.

a. Windy

b. Cloudy

c. Rainy day

d. Sunny day

answer: d

2. What season if the trees, houses and land become wet?

It is ________.

a. Dry season

b. Rainy season

c. Windy

d. Cloudy

answer: b

3. This Lala is studying English in the classroom. She is a ________.

a. student

b. singer

c. actress

d. athlete

answer: a

4. Ucil and Pampam are playing in the yard. They are playing ________.

a. Football

b. Marbles

c. Cricket

d. Kite

answer: a

5. The boys are in the field. They are ________football.

a. Play

b. Plays

c. Played

d. Playing

answer: d

6. Agil _______ playing computer game.

a. Has

b. Am

c. Are

d. Is

answer: d

7. I send my letters in ________.

a. Hospital

b. Post Office

c. Market

d. School

answer: b

8. Is this a bird?

________ It is a butterfly.

a. Yes, it is

b. Yes, it is not

c. No, it is not

d. No, it is

answer: c

9. Mr. Akbar has many hens. His hens give him some ________.

a. Milk

b. Feather

c. Eggs

d. Skin

answer: c

10. This food is ________.

a. Jelly

b. Water

c. Cake

d. Ice cream

answer: a

11. Do you like chocolate? Yes, ________.

a. I done

b. I does

c. I did

d. I do

answer: d

12. My mother ________ in the kitchen every day.

a. Cooks

b. Cook

c. Cooked

d. Cooking

answer: a

13. eating – like – some – I cake

a. I like some eating cake

b. I eating like some cake

c. I like eating some cake

d. I like some cake eating

answer: c

14. Where is Mrs. Emi going ? She is going to the _________ she buy vegetables.

a. Office

b. Market

c. Movie

d. School

answer: b

15. Where can you get any food if you hungry? I can get some food in ________.

a. Hospital

b. School

c. Post office

d. Restaurant

answer: d

16. How do you go to Surabaya I go there by _________.

a. Train

b. Car

c. Plane

d. Boat

answer: c

17. have – lunch – we – to – want

a. We have to want lunch

b. We have to lunch want

c. We want to lunch have

d. We want to have lunch

answer: d

18. Mr. Maman is explaining the lesson in classroom. He is a _________.

a. Doctor

b. Farmer

c. Teacher

d. Typist

answer: c

19. A nurse work at a ________.

a. Library

b. Office

c. School

d. Hospital

answer: d

20. Mr. Hamid brings a truck. He is a _________.

a. Driver

b. Pilot

c. Sailor

d. Mechanic

answer: a

21. Mr. Cule is working. He makes table, chairs and cupboard.

He also makes doors and windows. He is _________.

a. Gardener

b. Barber

c. Baker

d. Carpenter

answer: d

22. Mr. Undang is careful. He is not ________.

a. Angry

b. Stupid

c. Careless

d. Bad – tempered

answer: c

23. Everybody like Miss. Bela Safira, because she is ________.

a. Pretty

b. Lazy

c. Ugly

d. Careless

answer: a

24. Antonym of lazy is _____.

a. Diligent

b. kind

c. Relax

d. Ugly

answer: a

25. You save your money in the _________.

a. Laboratory

b. Workshop

c. Bank

d. Supermarket

answer: c

26. We do not live on the moon, but we live on the ________.

a. Earth

b. Sun

c. Comet

d. Star

answer: a

27. The nearest planet to the sun is Mercury and the farthest is _________.

a. Pluto

b. Mars

c. Jupiter

d. Venus

answer: a

28. The satellite of the earth is called moon. The moon goes round the ________.

a. Star

b. Earth

c. Sun

d. Mars

answer: c

29. the – is – where – bank?

a. Where is the bank?

b. Where the bank is?

c. Is where the bank?

d. Where the is bank?

answer: a

30. Sultan Hasanudddin Airport is located in ________.

a. East Java

b. Central Java

c. West Java

d. South Sulawesi

answer: d

31. The month after March is ________.

a. July

b. May

c. April

d. June

answer: c

32. The most beautiful souvenir in Bali is ________.

a. Handicraft

b. Statue

c. Puppet

d. Pottery

answer: a


It was Sunday yesterday, Zahra and her parents went to Tawangmangu.

They started at 9 in the morning. They took an hour to get there.

It is about forty kilometers from their house.

Tawangmangu is a cold place. It has a beautiful garden.

There is a waterfall. It called “Grojogan Sewu”.

There are also some monkeys on the trees. It is very funny.

People like staying there because they can feel natural life.

33. The suitable title for reading above is ________.

a. Grojogan Sewu

b. Tawangmangu

c. A cold place

d. A beautiful Garden

answer: b

34. What time did Zahra and her parents go to Tawangmangu?

They went ________ in the morning.

a. Six

b. Seven

c. Eight

d. Nine

answer: d

35. The name of waterfall is ________.

a. Tawangmangu Waterfall

b. Grojogan Sewu

c. Grojogan Waterfall

d. Tawangmangu Sewu

answer: b

36. Zahra and her parents went to Tawangmangu.

The word parents means ________.

a. father and mother

b. father and brother

c. brother and sister

d. mother and sister

answer: a

37. is – postman – a – Mr. Donald.

Arrange the sentence above!

a. Is a postman Mr. Donald.

b. Mr. Donald is a postman.

c. Postman is Mr. Donald.

d. A postman Mr. Donald is.

answer: b

38. ________ borrow your book?

a. My friend

b. May be

c. My I

d. May I

answer: d

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