Latihan Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 TA 2014/2015

(Berilah tanda silang (x) pada huruf A, B, C, atau D di depan jawaban yang paling benar !)

1.      There … some animals in the zoo
A. on                     B. in                            C. are                           D. is

2.      Mrs.  Mia. … two daughter
A. have                  B. has                          C. had                         D. can

3.      It is … orange
A. are                    B. a                              C. an                            D. the

4.      He works in the rice field, he is a …
A. doctor               B. farmer                     C. soldier                     D. nurse 

5.      I always take a bath in the …
A. bedroom           B. bathroom                C. kitchen                    D. livingroom

6.      In the night we have …
A. lunch                B. breakfast                 C. dinner                     D. suppert

7.      Mina … a girl
A. is                       B. are                           C. was                         D. were

8.      I have a … nose
A. oval                  B. curly                       C. white                      D. pointed

9.      We have … fingers
A. eight                 B. nine                         C. ten                          D. eleven

10.  Abel and Ara … students
A. is                       B. are                           C. was                         D. were

11.  he has a … face
A. flat                    B. pointed                   C. short                       D. round

12.  … pencils do you have ?
I have four pencils
A. how are you     B. how many               C. how do you do       D. how old are you

13.  Meilin is … a red dress
A. reading             B. sitting                     C. wearing                   D. watching

14.  Excuse me, may I … your jacket ?
A. borrow              B. have                        C. wearing                   D. watching

15.  four times eight is …
A. thirty two         B. thirty twenty          C. three two                D. three twenty

16.  Nichole      : ….
James         : how do you do.
A. how are you     B. how do you do       C. good morning         D. see you

17.  Is she a pilot ? No, …
A. she is                B. she isn’t                  C. not she is                D. yes she is

18.  … ? I am twelve years old
A. how are you     B. how old are you     C. how do you do       D. how many

19.  There is a book … (di atas) the table
A. between            B. on                           C. in front of               D. beside

20.  I always use an …. to go to school
A. jacket                B. switer                      C. uniform                   D. shoes

1.      Mention five of our body !

2.      Describe about your face (gambarkan tentang muka kamu ) !
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