Prediksi Soal US/UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Semester 2 TA 2014/2015

Choose the correct answer for the questions below!
My SchoolThis is my school. The headmaster is in the office. There is a library near a classroom; my
school has a schoolyard and a toilet. In the yard there is a flag. There is a teacher in front of the
classroom and there are students in the garden.
1. Where is the headmaster? He is in........
A. the classroom
B. the office
C. library
D. toilet

2. There is a ... near a classroom.
A. Classroom
B. Office
C. Library
D. Toilet

3. My school has........
A. a schoolyard and a toilet
B. a classroom
C. toilet and waiting room
D. Toilet and bench.

4. Who is in front of classroom? He is........
A. headmaster
B. a teacher
C. student
D. school guard

5. It is a........
A. windy
B. cloudy
C. rainy day
D. sunny day

6. Mitha ... playing computer game.
A. has
B. am
C. are
D. is

7. Is this a bird? ... It is a butterfly
A. Yes, it is
B. Yes, it is not
C. No, it is not
D. No, it is

8. Mr. Akbar has many hens. His hens give him some........
A. milk
B. Feather
C. Eggs
D. Skin

9. Do you like chocolate? Yes….
A.I done
B.I does
C.I did
D.I do

10. My mother ... in the kitchen every day.
A. cooks
B. cook
C. cooked
D. cooking

11. eating - like -some – I- cake in good sentence is….
A.I like some eating cake
B.I eating like some cake
C.I like eating some cake
D. I like some cake eating

12. Where can you get any food if you hungry? I can get some food in ........
A. hospital
B. school
C. post office
D. restaurant

13. have - lunch - we - to – want in good sentence is
A. We have to want lunch
B. We lunch to have want
C. We want to lunch have
D. We want to have lunch

14. Mr. Maman is explaining the lesson in classroom. He is a ........
A. doctor
B. farmer
C. teacher
D. typist

15. Please change the sentence into negative form. She wears blouse and skirt for shopping.
A. she doesn’t wear blouse and skirt for shopping
B. She doesn’t wears blouse and skirt for shopping
C. She don’t wear blouse and skirt for shopping
D. She don’t wears blouse and skirt for Shopping

16. Please change the sentence into positive form. Do you like meatball?
A. like you are meatball
B. you like are meatball
C. meatball are you like
D. You like meatball

17. please change the sentence into interrogative Form. There is a raincoat.
A. A raincoat is there
B. Is a raincoat there
C. Is there a raincoat
D. There a raincoat is

18. There…..trousers on the bad
A. is
B. are
C. do
D. does

20. My mother……a kebaya for attending wedding party.
A. wear
B. is
C. wears
D. are
21. Randy and I…..T-shirt and shorts for playing badminton.
A. Wears
B. Are
C. Is

22. 10.40 WIB. It is…….
A. twenty minutes to eleven
B. twenty minutes past eleven
C. twenty minutes to ten
D. twenty minutes past nine

23. It is five minutes to nine…..
A. 08.05
B. 08.50
C. 09.05
D. 08.55

24. It is half past seven
A. 07.30
B. 08.30
C. 03.07
D. 07.07

25. It is quarter to eleven
A. 09.11
B. 11.45
C. 11.15

26. It is five to four
A. 11.40
B. 04.55
C. 04.05

27…..time is it now?
A. What
B. When
C. Where
D. How

28. 11.50. It is…….
A. ten minutes past twelve
B. ten minutes to twelve
C. ten minutes to eleven
D. ten minutes past eleven

29. 08.45. It is…..
A. a quarter to eight
B. a quarter past eight
C. a quarter to nine
D. a quarter past nine

30. 01.50. It is…..
A. ten minutes to two
B. ten minutes to one
C. ten minutes past two
D. ten minutes past one

31. We can fly like a …..
A. cow C. fish
B. horse D. bird

32. It can bark like a ….
A. cat C. dog
B. cow D. rabbit

33. The…….can hop.
A. kangaroo C. butterfly
B. cock D. hen

34. The snake can…..
A. climb
B. slither
C. swim
D. fly

35. Crocodile is a ……animal
A. cute
B. beautiful
C. dangerous
D. interesting

Text for no. 36-40
On Sunday Ani doesn’t go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttlefish. In the market is very crowded.
36. The appropriate title for the text above is ……..
A. Going to the market B. Going to the hospital
C. Going to the zoo D. Going to the restaurant

36. She buys some ...... at the fishmonger.
A. Goldfish and crab B. Goldfish and cuttlefish
C. goldfish and potatoes D. carrot and goldfish

37. Anis goes to market on ……..
A. Sunday B. Monday
C. Saturday D. Tuesday

38. The situation in the market is very ……..
A. silent B. noisy
C. happily D. Crowded

Text no. 39-40
Waiter : “Hello, good afternoon, may I help you?” Customer : “Good afternoon. Yes, I want to order some food” Waiter : “What do you want to order, Sir?” Customer : “I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken” Waiter : “Wait a minute, Sir” Customer : “OK”
39. The conversation above take place in the ……..
A. Hospital B. Restaurant
C. Market D. Zoo

40. what does the customer order?
A. Fried rice and iced tea
B. Fried rice and fried noodle
C. Fried rice and fried chicken
D. Fried rice and salad

41. Want – see – I – to – movie – film – the – a – in. The right arrangement is ……..
A. I want to see a film in the movie B. I see want a film in the movie
C. I want to see movie in a film D. I want a film to see in the movie

42. Don’t forget to stuck a …….. on the envelope.
A. Stamp B. Picture
C. Register letter D. Ticket

43. John : Excuse me, where is the post office?
Driver : Go ahead to …………………(timur)
a. West c. North
b. East d. South

44. Tono : Where is the supermarket?

Tini : It is in the ………. (selatan) of the hospital.
a. North c. East
b. South d. West

Look at the map to answer no. 45-48
45. A: where is the post office?
B: It’s ………… my house
A. Beside C. Under
B. Behind D. In front of

46. SMP 1 Tuban is ………………… my house
A. Behind C. In front of
B. Beside D. Next to

47. My house is …….. Internet CafĂ© and Post office
A. Next to
B. Behind
C. In front of
D. Between

48. A: where can you buy books and pens?
B: I can buy them in the………….
a. Post office
b. Stationary store
c. Supermarket
d. Barber shop

49. I wear a …….. on my neck. The colour is pink.
A. Shorts C. Tie B. Shirt D. Belt
50. My mother wears a …….. on her finger.
A. necklace B. ring
C. hair band D. hat
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