Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Untuk Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas

Subject : English
Name :
Grade : Five Grades
Program : Elemantary School

1. Mr. Aviv : Good Morning Mr. Tama?
Mr. Tamam: ..............Mr. Aviv.
a. How are you
b. I am fine
c. How are you doing
d. Good Morning
2. It is a half minutes past four in the
afternoon, what will you say if you meet your
a. Good Night
b. Have a nice to sleep
c. Good afternoon
d. Good morning
3. Rina : Hello Andi, How are you today?
Andi : .........................Rina, and You ?
Rina : i am very well thanks
a. How do you do
b. How are you
c. I am fine, Thanks
d. Not good, Thanks
4. Mr. Tamam : Hello, My friends, My
a. Name
b. Shool
c. My book
d. students
5. Silvi : How old are you Rendi?
Rendi:................... years old.
a. i am nine
b. she is nine
c. they are nine
d. what?
6. Ani : i am sorry andi, i will go now, see
Andi : .................
a. Nice to see you
b. Good
c. See you
d. See you too
7. Andi is my brother, ...... is playing football
a. she
b. he
c. we
d. they
8. i have a book, it is very good book, i very much.
a. my
b. i
c. we
d. her
9. ................. are my Friend. i always Play
Football with them.
a. we
b. they
c. i
d. she
10. She wants to make a line, she needs a.......
a. book
b. ruler
c. eraser
d. crayon
11. My mother gives me a cake, because i get
good score in the exam. i feel......
a. sad
b. happy
c. lazy
d. busy
12. i am very...... so i buy food in the
a. happy
b. angry
c. hungry
d. diligent
13. Nina is never late to school. she is.....
a. happy
b. lazy
c. proud of
d. diligent
Read texts for question 14 to 16
My Book
Hello, My Name is Ani. I have a book,
this book is an english book. my mother buys
it in the book store. i always read it every day
if i am at home, i can get new knowledge
from this book. sometimes, tina, my firend
borrows my book. she likes it too. we like
reading a book because Reading makes us
14. Wahat book does writer have?
a. an english book
b. novel
c. newspaper
d. magazine
15. Who buys an english book for Rina.....?
a. Her father
b. her mother
c. her friend
d. Tina
16. Where does her mother buy the book......?
a. in the market
b. in the bookstore
c. in the library
d. in the mall
17. Budi : Waht is your Hobby Budi??
Andi : My hobby is .................. i always
play it in the field with my friends.
a. swimming
b. playing football
c. bowling
d. fishing
18. My Hobby is Playing badminton, i need
.......for playing it.
a. Ball
b. Racket
c. Pan
d. Shuttlecock
19. Rina is My sister, Her hobby is Cooking,
She always cooks
a. in the kitchen
b. in the living room
c. class
d. in the home
Read the following text for questions 20 to 23
Today is Sunday
Today is Sunday, i like this day because i can
get together with my parents. my parents
always accompany me to watch tv on Sunday.
there are seven days in a week, Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday,and Wednesday. it strats on Sunday and
end on Wednesday. on Sunday, i have a lot of
time with my family.
20. What day does Writer Like??
a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Wednesday
d. Friday
21. How many days are there in a week??
There are.......................... days.
a. seven
b. six
c. eight
d. eleven
22. What days is after Sunday ?? it
a. Monday
b. Wednesday
c. Tuesday
d. Friday
23. According to the text, what day was
yesterday ?? it wa.....
a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Wednesday
d. Friday
24. Arrange into good word!
R – U – D – T- A- Y- H - S
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
a. 4-7-2-1-3-8-5-6
b. 4-7-2-1-3-5-8-6
c. 4-7-2-3-1-5-6-8
d. 4-7-2-1-8-3-5-6
What date is on the picture above?
a. it is twenty one of december
b. it is twenty firs of december
c. it is twentieth of december
d. it is thirtieth of december
26.There.................. three guns.
a. is
b. are
c. they
d. am
Read the following texts for questions 27 to
My Birthday
My name in Sarah. My birthday is on august
the ninth. Now I am eleven years old. My
brother, Dean, is eight years old. His birthday
is on April the fourth. On my birthday, my
father usually gives me a birthday present.
Sometimes on my birthday we go to the beach.
27. When is Sarah Birthday?
a. It is September the ninth
b. It is on April the fourth
c. It is August the ninth
d. It is August the fifth
28. Does Sarah's father give Sarah a birthday
present on her birthday?
a. Yes, he does
b. Yes, he is
c. No, she doesn't
d. No, he isn't
29. How old is Sarah now?
a. She is eleven years old
b. She is ten years old
c. She is eight years old
d. She is nine years old
30. Where do they go on Sarah's birthday?
Where do they go on Sarah's birthday?
a. They go to the cinema
b. They go to the mall
c. They go to restaurant
d. They go to the beach
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