Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas

I.           Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1.             The students can borrow some books in the  ....
a.       Pharmacy
b.      Laboratory
c.       Museum
d.      Library

2.             Mrs. Sunarti is an English teacher. She is writing on the  ....
a.    wall
b.    paper
c.    blackboard
d.   note book
3.                                                                                                                                   The instruction that suitable for the picture is ....
a.       Lets play football
b.      Lets basket ball
c.       Lets paly doll
d.      Lets play chess

4.                                                                                                                                   My Hobby is ...
a.       dancing
b.      singing
c.       fishing
d.      hiking

5.             He work in the hospital. He help a nurse. He is a  ...
a.         nurse
b.        doctor
c.         farmer
d.        judge

6.             Mom               :  The floor is dirty.
                           Do you know what do you have to do?
          Kaka               :  Yes, .... .
a.         Yes, I am
b.        Yes, of course
c.         Yes, do I
d.        Yes, I do

7.             Iman : May I borrow your book, please?
Noto : Of course, here you are!
Iman : I will back it to you tomorrow, thank you!
Noto : ........
a.       You are welcome
b.      See you later
c.       Thank’s
d.      Of course

8.        Wahid  : Would you open the window please?
John       : ........
a.       Yes, of course
b.      Yes, thanks you
c.       You are welcome
d.      Yes, I am

9.        Student    :  "I am ........ sir, I come late."
Teacher   :  "That's ok, please sit down."
a.       Good
b.      Fine
c.       Sorry
d.      Thank you

10.    Shopkeper    :    Good morning, Rino!
Rino              :    ...
Shopkeper    :    Can I help you?
Rino              :    I want to some pencils
a.       Good evening
b.      Good afternon
c.       Good morning
d.      Good night

11.    Dwi            :    May I use your    ...    , Toni?
Wahid        :    Sorry. I’am using it
Dwi            :    It is all right
a.       pencil
b.      pen
c.       ruller
d.      knife

12.    Nina              :    Good Morning Mrs. Warti
Mrs. Warti    :    Good Morning Nina!
Nina              :    My teacher needs some chalk. Do you have any?
Mrs. Wari     :    .....              here you are
a.       Yes, I do
b.      Yes, I have
c.       No, I do not
d.      No, I have not
13.                                                                                                                                                       Jono        : Mom, I will go to school
Mother    : .....
Jono        : Yes, I will
a.       Watch out
b.      Run
c.       Lets go
d.      Ride the bike carefully

14.    Lia            :             “ Happy birthday, Koko? “. Here’s present for you
Koko        :             “ thank you. Wow!
Lia            :             “ I hope you like it “
Koko        :             “ I ..... it. Red is my favorite colour “
a.       Like
b.      Dislike
c.       Don’t like
d.      Happy

15.    Teacher  : "Would you close the door, please."
Students : " ........".
a.      Yes, I am
b.      Yes, thank you
c.      Yes, of course
d.     Yes, of course not

16.    If you want to save your money, you have to go to ...
a.       Post office
b.      Hospital
c.       Bank
d.      Market

17.    Koko     : "Have you ever go to Sea World?"
                   "What is the smart fish in Sea World?"
Rono      : "Yes, I have. The smart fish in Sea World is ........
a.       Shark
b.      Dolphin
c.       Well
d.      Goldfish
This text for number 18 - 22
On Sunday Ani doesn't go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttlefish. In the market is very crowded.

18.    The appropriate tittle for the text above is ........
a.       Going to the market
b.      Going to the hospital
c.       Going to the zoo
d.      Going to the restaurant

19.    ...... and ...... go to market
a.       Ani and her sister
b.      Ani and her brother
c.       Ani and her mother
d.      Ani and her father

20.    She buys some ..... and ..... at the fishmonger.
a.       Goldfish and crab
b.      Goldfish and cuttlefish
c.       Goldfish and potatos
d.      Carrot and goldfish


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